Feature Stories 2023: Rahul Chaube '23: On the forefront of tech

Rahul Chaube stands outside the Charlton College of Business
Feature Stories 2023: Rahul Chaube '23: On the forefront of tech
Rahul Chaube '23: On the forefront of tech

MSTM student credits faculty support for comprehensive education

Update: After this article's publishing, Rahul accepted a position as a Senior Analyst of IT and Digital Systems at Bristol Myers Squibb, a Fortune 100 pharmaceutical company.


Technology management master's student and Mumbai, India native Rahul Chaube has lofty goals of being on the front end of the next technological revolution, and says a Charlton College of Business education makes him feel well-prepared to take on that challenge.

Why UMassD?

Describe UMass Dartmouth in one word

"Prepared. UMassD and my technology management coursework have played an instrumental role in preparing me with a blend of technical knowledge and a skill set for management." 

Why did you choose to attend UMassD?

"The U.S. is known for providing the best education and research opportunities in technology, and the Charlton College of Business (CCB) is highly ranked among institutions worldwide, making it an ideal place to pursue my master's degree in technology management (MSTM)."

What’s your favorite thing about UMass Dartmouth?

"The tremendous support that the faculty and staff provide to the students. The curriculum is well-designed, keeping in mind current industry trends, which has helped me gain knowledge and skills that are highly relevant in the current job market.

"Additionally, the university offers many on-campus opportunities for students, which has enriched my learning experience. Overall, UMass Dartmouth is one of the best universities out there, and I feel fortunate to have chosen it for my higher education."

Technology management

What do you love about technology management?

"When searching for graduate programs, I was looking for a program that would provide a comprehensive understanding of technology, including subjects such as database management, cloud computing, and programming.

"However, I also wanted a program that integrated management subjects, such as supply chain strategy, IT management, and business analytics. The multi-disciplinary curriculum of the technology management program at UMassD perfectly aligns with my academic interests."

Have you had any mentors in MSTM?

"I have received tremendous support from my program director, Professor Bharatendra Rai. When I was in India and considering attending this university, Dr. Rai connected with me virtually and provided guidance on course selection and career development. Throughout my academic journey, he has continued to offer mentorship and advice on industry-level skill sets and career planning. I am grateful for his support and look forward to continuing to seek his mentorship in the future.

"During my first semester, I took several challenging courses, including IT Management, Business Analytics, and Data Visualization, all taught by Associate Professor Timothy Shea. As a novice to these concepts, I found the syllabus to be quite demanding. But with Dr. Shea's guidance, I was able to excel in my studies and develop skills in project management and data visualization using Tableau. I credit his mentorship and the quality of the curriculum for my success in these courses."

What do you hope to be doing after you graduate?

"After my graduation, I aspire to work in an emerging technology ecosystem with an objective of contributing to the next technology revolution. I have taken a deep interest in synchronizing technology, strategy, and vision to drive positive impact in the business ecosystem and wish to build a career in information technology management to derive concrete strategy and precise implementation cadence to accelerate business growth."

Graduate assistantship

Outside his coursework, Chaube builds practical experience as a graduate assistant, working 10 hours a week for Professor Rai to identify front-end design improvements on CCB webpages.

How does this role help your professional experience?

"Having the opportunity to take on a unique assignment that involves research, documentation, and planning related to product management taught me valuable skills in visualizing, strategizing, and executing plans."

Looking back

Have you had a favorite class?

"MIS 650: Information Technology Management and MIS 674: Applied Business Analytics & Information Visualization with Prof. Shea or POM 681: Business Analytics & Data Mining with Prof. Rai."

How do you know UMassD was the right choice for you?

"Throughout my academic journey, I have been fortunate to receive consistent support from faculty and mentors who have helped me to make the most of my studies. As a result of my experiences, I feel that I have gained significant benefits from attending UMass Dartmouth, and I am confident that the knowledge and skills I have acquired will serve me well in my future career endeavors."

Looking ahead

This summer, Chaube will work as a project management intern for the UMass President's Office, before completing his final semester at UMassD in the fall.

What's next for you?

"I will apply for full-time roles in U.S. organizations after graduating. My preference is to work in the healthcare industry as a technology management professional with a goal of benefitting industries by leveraging emerging information systems to their fullest potential in order to help businesses achieve greater heights of success."

How prepared do you feel to enter the next phase of your life?

"I feel well-prepared to enter the next phase of my life, thanks to the comprehensive and industry-aligned curriculum at UMass Dartmouth, the supportive faculty and staff, and the numerous on-campus opportunities that have helped me gain practical exposure. I am confident that the skills and knowledge I have acquired will serve as a strong foundation for my career goals."

Connect with Rahul

Chaube welcomes connections on his LinkedIn and invites you to visit his webpage, which displays some of his past and conceptual work.