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2022 Senior Art & Design Exhibition
Abigail Sherwin self portrait
Abigail Sherwin
Bread and Butter, 2022, digital, 6 x 6 in.
Adam T. Moniz
Alex Jank, self portrait
Alex Jank
Self Portrait at Exhibition, Alexandra R. Kibilko at 2022 Senior Exhibition
Alexandra Rasey Kibilko 
Alexis Canaday portrait
Alexis Canaday
Alissa Taxiera self portrait
Alissa Taxiera
Photograph courtesy of Hugh Fanning of The New Bedford Light
Amanda Arruda
Amanda Cote headshot
Amanda Cote
Normality, 2021-2022, archival inkjet print, 17 x 11 inches
Andrew Fernandes
Aubree Lawson, headshot
Aubree Lawson
On The Mend Branding, 2022, this is the branding that will be used throughout my senior thesis
Axel Jeremie
Brenden M. Carvalho
Brenden M. Carvalho
Brianna Boothe headshot
Brianna Boothe
Self Portrait, 2022, digital, 6 x 7 in
Brianna Hickey
Artist Self Portrait, 2022, self portrait of the artist!, 16 x 11 in
Bridget Bagana
Bridget Bannon headshot
Bridget Bannon
Carol Long Jepson portrait
Carol Long Jepson
Catherine E. Chase portrait
Catherine E. Chase
Half Note, 2021, digital, 11 x 8.5 in.
Cherry Wu
Chloe Bachstein headshot
Chloe Bachstein
Collin Cabral headshot
Collin Cabral
Denial cropped
Corryn Jorge
Dakota Shwedo headshot
Dakota Shwedo
Self-Portrait, 2020, Digital Self-Portrait, 8.5 x 11.5in
Darley Ortiz Garcia
Destine Demosthene headshot
Destine Demosthene
Gymshy Poster
Dylan Kelly
Crane, 2022, looking out at the city of Eidolon 6 while crossing an activated platform
Emmett Smith
Esther Alvarez Gondres headshot
Esther Alvarez Gondres
Self Portrait, 2022, digital
Everett Klein
Self-Portrait with Phone, 2022, oil on canvas, 10 x 8 in
Gabriel Cano-Daly
Gabrielle Romano portrait
Gabrielle Romano
Gwen Laws headshot
Gwen Laws
Gwynneth Burns headshot
Gwynneth Burns
Haley Dunn headshot
Haley Dunn
Helene Ratanak portrait
Helene Ratanak
Hui Qi selfie
Hui Qi
J. Engels self-portrait
J. Engels
Demon Heights, 2022, a character lineup showcasing the height differences of the seven types of sin demons, 8.5 x 8.5 in
Jace Gagne
Jacob Fay portrait
Jacob Fay
Jamie Ciarmataro headshot
Jamie Ciarmataro
AlcheMake Logo, 2022, the branding and logo for this makerspace
Jay Thomas Weygand
Jenifer Ann McCarthy portrait
Jenifer Ann McCarthy
The Three of Cups (detail)
Kate Mello
Katie Robinson headshot
Katie Robinson
Fox Creature
Kelley Williams
The Soldier Render
Kyle Trahan
Lauren Jackman portrait
Lauren Jackman
Introduction video screenshot
Lauren X Froeberg
Expressive Self-portrait, 2021, Lexia if they were drawn by Tim Burton
Lexia Light
Self Portrait, 2022, 10 x 11 in.
Logan Ward
Luiz Bicalho portrait
Luiz Bicalho
Rhea Character Sketch, 2022, character sketch for a graphic novel, 8x8 in.
Madison Downey
Magdalene Fiske headshot
Magdalene Fiske
Mary Roberts self portrait
Mary Roberts
Self-portrait, 2022, watercolor and digital, 6 in x 7.5 in
Meghan Hubbard
Neighborville, 2022, the complete evidence board, 23 x 17 in
Michael DeSouza
Michael Skahan
Michaela Arruda portrait
Michaela Arruda
Moss Peters
Cartoon Me, 2022, digital drawing
Mya Ferreira
Character Design 1
Mya Labrecque
Nathan Moura headshot
Nathan Moura
Book Cover cropped
Nathaniel Joslyn
Nick Pires, headshot
Nick Pires
Nuri Sherpa in fashion studio
Nuri Sherpa
Olivia Harris self-portrait
Olivia Harris
Olivia Ploude headshot
Olivia Ploude
Branding, 2022, pigment of imagination, 16.5 x 16 in
Peyton McCarthy
Rachel Dufresne headshot
Rachel Dufresne
Rachel Mancour headshot
Rachel Mancour
Brand Book Cover
Rachel Warren
Ria Gameros
Rihito Torigoe self portrait
Rihito Torigoe
Roman Petrov, headshot
Roman Petrov
Poster (detail)
Ruoyun Liu
Ryan Dupuis, headshot
Ryan Dupuis
Sam Scully, self portrait
Sam Scully
Comic 7 cropped
Sarah Blatz
Self-portrait, 2022, graphite on vellum Bristol board, 10 x 12.5 in.
Scott Hagan
Shaylin McDavitt, Portrait, 2022
Shaylin McDavitt
Lucy Little Running Advertising, posters and a vinyl sticker for the brand
Steve Stromski
Travis Purcell portrait
Travis Purcell
Tyler Morlander portrait
Tyler Molander
Tyler Nelson portrait
Tyler Nelson
Yi-Hung Hsu portrait
Yi-Hung Hsu
Zachary Baptista selfie
Zachary Baptista

2022 Senior Exhibition

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