Alex Jank, self portrait
2022 Senior Exhibition Artists 2022 Senior Exhibition Artists: Alex Jank
Alex Jank

Art + Design: Illustration

About Alex Jank

Alex Jank was born in Brockton, Massachusetts. They attended Avon Middle High School and graduated in 2018. Their focus is on Comic Arts as well as full page illustrations. After earning their BFA, Alex plans on continuing to create comics and pursue a trip to England.


I’ve always wanted to create good comics and, one day, to get a graphic novel of my own published. I enjoy making visual art because it shows people what is possible when they allow their imaginations to take hold. I’ve always enjoyed creating stories, and I have many more that I would like to show in physical form one day. For my project “Henry and Edward: Head North”, I wanted to mix my passion for British comedy and comic/story creation. I hope to continue to continue the series after graduation – I will maintain all my creative pursuits well after getting my BFA. I hope you too continue to follow along with my journey.