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2022 Senior Exhibition Artists 2022 Senior Exhibition Artists: Zachary Baptista
Zachary Baptista

Art + Design: Animation + Game Arts | Graphic Design Minor

About Zachary Baptista

Zack Baptista is an artist and designer from New Bedford, MA. He is finishing up his BA in Digital Media/ Game Arts and Minor in Graphic Design. He is well versed in several areas of design including graphic art, 3D modeling, game design, animation, web building, photography and video editing. His inspiration and passion for art comes from growing up around the artists in his family and love for video games. Zack has had experience working in the design field since 2014.


My senior capstone project is a collection of high-quality models and concepts. The Ray Gun model is an HD recreation of the original Ray Gun from the video game “Call of Duty’s” very popular “Zombies” mode and the Portal Gun is a realistic take on Rick’s Portal Gun from the animated series “Rick and Morty”. Everything else presented here are other senior works I made throughout my Junior and senior years at Umass Dartmouth. The process of creating these models starts in Maya, then textured in Substance Painter and then back to Maya for final rendering. I created these models to showcase my abilities in creating high quality models from the ground up. Though these models are finished, I still have a few more that are set to be completed by the end of my senior year. The full collection will be posted on my Art-Station and Instagram.



Video Turn Around of the Portal Gun, 2022, Rick and Morty Realistic Portal Gun
Video Turn Around of the Ray Gun, 2022, Black Ops 3 Zombies Mode Ray Gun High Quality Model