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CVPA 2021 Senior Show
Abbey Rogers portrait
Abbey Rogers
Jing Ma portrait
Ahmad MaJing
Alexis Zahor portrait
Alexis Zahor
Wrath Self Portrait, 2021, 638px by 630px
Alice Darc
Alison Simao self portrait
Alison Simao
Allison Dawes portrait
Allison Dawes
Phone App
Ally Norris-Parsons
Ally Watts portrait
Ally Watts
Amanda Corshia self portrait
Amanda Corshia
Amanda Horne portrait
Amanda Horne
Anna Urdi portrait
Anna Urdi
Ariel dos Santos self portrait
Ariel dos Santos
Armani Marquez-Chaves portrait
Armani Marquez-Chaves
Ashlianna Felix self portrait
Ashlianna Felix
Braden Putney self portrait
Braden Putney
Bolts Slice Tee Mockup, 2021
Brendon Jones
Wai White Logo, 2021, branding logo and typeface, varies
Brett Salisbury
Brian Fournier self portrait
Brian Fournier
TheWorldofCapstone, 2021, stone sea daytime render
Brianna Mercado
Brynn Vasil portrait
Brynn Vasil
Carlton Miller-Cordova portrait
Carlton Miller-Cordova
Caroline Gresh, CVPA alum
Caroline Gresh '21 featured in Metropolis Magazine
Carolyn Mingola
Carolyn Mingola
Chidinma Irabor self portrait
Chidinma Irabor
Spiral wave tiles (wall or floor piece) 2021, glazed ceramic, 57in
Cindy Gordon
Corbin Blanchard portrait
Corbin Blanchard
Corey Russ portrait
Corey Russ
Courtney Cotter portrait
Courtney Cotter
Daniel Tranfaglia portrait
Dan Tranfaglia
David Moriarty self portrait
David Moriarty
Wig Wag Interior Signage, 2021, paint on exposed brick, 3 x 3 feet
Elizabeth Griffith
I’m Still Here, but All Is Lost 1, 2021, Archival Pigment Print , 24x36 inches
Ethan Lassey
Amelia 1
Fernand von Einzbern
Gabriela Marrero portrait
Gabriela Marrero
Everything Is Fine, 2021, archival inkjet print, 24 x 15.58 inches
Gina Pantalone
Grace Sylvia self portrait
Grace Sylvia
Harrison Collins self portrait
Harrison Collins
Heather Dowrey portrait
Heather Dowrey
Heather Kelly portrait
Heather Kelly
Isaac Ramos portrait
Isaac Ramos
Isabel Pica portrait
Isabel Pica
Isabel Vieira portrait
Isabel Vieira
Isabella Brown portrait
Isabella R. Brown
Isabella Rivera self portrait
Isabella Rivera
Orchid and Twinvice
Jackson "Mako" Burke
Jacq Ducharme portrait
Jacq Ducharme
Jade Miner self portrait
Jade Miner
James Tooker portrait
James Tooker
Jenna Pierce portrait
Jenna Pierce
Jenna Ruel self portrait
Jenna Ruel
Jennifer Villar Polanco self portrait
Jennifer Villar Polanco
Jillian Skalski portrait
Jillian Skalski
Jonathan Lerew portrait
Jonathan “JT” Lerew
Jordan Casavecchia portrait
Jordan Casavecchia
Kane Reese portrait
Kane Reese
Karlee Greco portrait
Karlee Greco
Kelly Costigan portrait
Kelly Costigan
Kevin Ronan self portrait
Kevin Ronan
Canopy Coworking, 2021, head shot
Kyla Ellis
Lauren Matte Portrait
Lauren Matte
Lisa Motta
Lydia Kydland portrait
Lydia Kydland
Logo, 2021, Beach in a Bubble brand logo
Lyndsey Getchell
Maddy Bettencourt
Maddy Bettencourt
Madison Colby portrait
Madison Colby
Margo Rego portrait
Margo Rego
Mark Nezas self portrait
Mark Nezas
Mason Leonard
Mason Leonard
Matthew Nerdig portrait
Matthew Nerdig
Matt DeStoop portrait
Matt DeStoop
Melissa McIsaac portrait
Melissa McIsaac
Michael Correira self portrait
Michael Correia
Michael Venuti portrait
Michael Venuti
Mingjue Zhu self portrait
Mingjue Zhu
Molly O'Donnell portrait
Molly K O’Donnell
Morgan Loe portrait
Morgan Loe
Myles Edwards portrait
Myles J. Edwards
Naeem Wilson portrait
Naeem Wilson
Nicole V Cowden portrait
Nicole V Cowden
Nikki Cardoso portrait
Nikita Cardoso
Noah Tavares self portrait
Noah Tavares
Olivia Buckley portrait
Olivia Buckley
Pat Nee self portrait
Pat Nee
Peiqi Jia portrait
Peiqi Jia
Rachel Porter portrait
Rachel Porter
Self portrait, 2021, digital illustration
Self Portrait, 2020, digital illustration, 14 X 10.5 inch canvas
Rebecca Hope
Rebecca McBride portrait
Rebecca McBride
Riley Thomas portrait
Riley Thomas
Sarah Delorey portrait
Sarah Delorey
Sarah Dorman portrait
Sarah Dorman
Sarah Holmes portrait
Sarah Holmes
Sarah Silva portrait
Sarah Silva
Front Row (book), 2021, a book about adhd, how it affects others and me personally, 8 in x 8 in
Sarena Letourneau
Social Settings (1), 2021, artist print on plate, 10 inch dia
Shannon Lynch
Sophie Keevan self portrait
Sophie Keevan
Styles Vazquez
Self Portrait, 2021, pen and ink, 9 inches x 12 inches
Sydney Brake
Tessa Remy-Miller self portrait
Tessa Remy-Miller
Tiffani Pothier portrait
Tiffani Pothier
Starting Image, 2021, the brand
Tyler Donovan
Tyler Molander self portrait
Tyler Molander
Veronica Ferreira self portrait
Veronica Ferreira
William Ferrari portrait
William Ferrari
Land, earrings, sterling silver
Xinyi Pang
Xoey Lee portrait
Xoey Lee
Yanira Ramirez portrait
Yanira Ramirez
Zachary Bearne self portrait
Zachary Bearne

2021 Senior Exhibition

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