Michaela Arruda portrait
2022 Senior Exhibition Artists 2022 Senior Exhibition Artists: Michaela Arruda
Michaela Arruda

Art + Design: Graphic Design

About Michaela Arruda

Michaela Arruda is an interdisciplinary artist, socially engaged artist and graphic designer, living in New Bedford, Massachusetts. She is earning her BFA in Graphic Design along with a minor in Art History. Outside of graphic design she studies sculpting and photography to explore her use of mediums.


Arrudas is a dine-in and take-out Portuguese restaurant, based on the artists nationality, located in Providence. This family owned business serves a wide variety of food, ranging from soups, salads, beef, chicken, fish and desserts. Besides the food served, they sell self made wine and provide a friendly environment; it’s often a place that people can call their second home.

Arrudas uses clean lines, muted tones, a combo of natural and manmade materials, graphic shapes, and vibrant colors to show we are for anyone and everyone. It's a place where we bring the past back with a modern twist, with this style, it's timeless and appealing for everyone, not feeling too young or too old. It is a family owned restaurant, everyone who walks into the doors is treated like family.


Email: mruda715@gmail.com
Website: arrudasart.com