2022 Senior Exhibition Artists 2022 Senior Exhibition Artists: Moss Peters
Moss Peters

Art + Design: Illustration

About Moss Peters

Moss is an avid horror lover who grew up in Minneapolis, Minnesota. You could say the bitter cold encouraged the want and need to create. They grew up loving horror movies but also had a fascination with Agatha Christie’s Ms. Marple. Since their tastes tended towards the macabre it is only reasonable that this would show up in their artistry. They enjoy making monsters of all sorts and after forging the concept for them, turning them into real life sculptures and dolls. Much to the dismay of people with doll phobias.


This project is about a serial killer named Sybil who is cursed with an eldritch creature haunting her brain. With this creature she has gained peculiar abilities to rand and mold flesh as she sees fit. Having grown up in traumatic circumstances she decided hunting down serial killers and sexual abusers was the easier way for her to collect enough materials. She chose to use her corrupt abilities to turn the worst ones into dolls by bending and twisting the flesh. She has one goal: to find and kill the creature plaguing her mind. She’ll need her friends along the way and her abominations for the heavy lifting. Let’s hope it all works out…