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2022 Senior Exhibition Artists 2022 Senior Exhibition Artists: Chloe Bachstein
Chloe Bachstein

Art + Design: Drawing Major | Art Education Major | Art History Minor

About Chloe Bachstein

Chloe Bachstein is an undergraduate student studying to complete a dual BFA degree in Art Education and Drawing with a minor in Art History. Focusing on the exploration of marks, she combines traditional and experimental drawing methods into painting. Chloe enriches her figurative work with saturated color and interlocking patterns while gestural marks depict form and space.


This body of work is the outcome of finding presence within myself and others. I consider presence to be a state of existence or a person that is present in a place but not seen. I investigate what it feels like to be human in a single moment and interpret this feeling through broken marks in my painting. Working in the studio allows me to depict a physical representation of my own growth as an unseen living being in a social world. Finding my own state of existence is a challenging feat but with the help of those I deeply care for, I can create my own dreamscapes of hope that exude what it means to form bonds and connections with people who ground you back to reality. It is these relationships with my family that have a strong and emotional effect on me, and I thank them through these tokens of appreciation.