Ateena Pratt

Art + Design: Animation + Game Arts

Ateena Pratt Illustration

About Ateena Pratt

Ateena Pratt is an Animation Major from Massachusetts. Graduating with a BFA in animation and game arts, Ateena strived to pursue a career in the 2D animation industry. Since childhood, she's heavily admired the work and effort that goes into creating cartoons and animated movies. 


Inspired by campy horror B-movies from the 80's, Ateena's Capstone is a 2D animated music video with themes of unrequited young love and terror. The two paramount characters are a love obsessed girl next door, and her mysterious masked neighbor; a wannabe serial killer. Set to the Danish band Alphabeats's song "Boyfriend", Ateena hope's to engage viewers with lively animation, bubbly atmosphere, with a dark undertone.

Date: Year 2021, Degree Type BFA, Gallery Campus Gallery, Gallery Exhibitions