Devin Melendez

Art + Design: Animation & Game Arts


Devin Melendez, UMass Dartmouth Class of 2020. Born and raised in Lowell Mass. At first, I applied to UMass Dartmouth as a Graphic Design student. But later throughout the years, I learned and became more interested in concept art and coming up with design whether it is for games, movies or even tv shows. Hoping that one day designing for companies like Marvel, Disney, Bethesda, and others that made movies and games we love. 


My project shows my thought process was what I would design for a Marvel-based Movie. I came up with designs for Thor in the upcoming Thor 4(Love and Thunder) movie coming out around 2022. Since that movie was one of the only movies that don’t have anything spoiled or any information leaked out, I chose to tackle this project headfirst. I wanted to make different concepts for Thor. Whether it’s playing around with different hairstyles, putting tattoos on the character to see if that worked, making different designs with Thors outfit. I also wanted to explore different scenes and what the scenes would look like in the movie and how the main and important keyframes would look like and why those frames are important. I mainly wanted to show any idea I can think of for this movie and make it as interesting as possible but also make it realistic and modern and for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


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Departments College of Visual Performing Arts, Date: Year 2020, Degree Type BFA, Gallery Campus Gallery, Gallery Exhibitions