Matthew Carella

Art + Design: Animation & Game Arts


Matthew S. Carella is a dual major in Illustration and Animation Game Arts at UMASS Dartmouth. Born in Seoul Korea and adopted into an Italian-American family, Matt will be graduating after his fifth year of study. Originally joining UMASS as a graphic design major, things took a turn for the complex when a schism between creative interests occurred. There was a desire to create lively character illustrations and to explore the depths of game design and 3D modeling. Unable to choose between the 2D and 3D arts, Matthew decided to combine the two by taking on a dual major and applying both skillsets to his work. He is now pursuing a career where each set of skills can be further developed put to full use.


A game ready model of an original character “Gregor the Orc Warrior” was chosen for my senior project. I wanted to put the breadth of my experience from both school and personal projects on display with this piece. I have always had a taste for fantasy and character design, leading me to develop my own tabletop roleplaying games with my friends from home. This project creates a professional quality 3D model of a character from a setting I have personally created.

Starting from 2D concept art and working my way through 3D sculpting and modeling, I believe the care put into this project will shine through. The finished product presented has a low-poly mesh and is fully textured, meaning it is ready to be imported and used in various game engines or animation projects. Moving forward I aim to create many more characters and props that exceed this standard so I can continue to grow and flourish as an artist.




  1. Concept Sketch 1, 2020, process sketch on paper for character design
  2. Concept Sketch 2, 2020, process sketch on paper for character design
  3. Concept Sketch 3, 2020, process sketch on paper for character design
  4. Based Model, 2020, simple sculpt in zbrush
  5. Based Model Face, 2020, close up of zbrush sculpt
  6. Digital Paint-over, 2020, photoshop paint-over
  7. Model with Base Textures, 2020, substance painter textures
  8. Finishing Touches, 2020, painted textures in substance. rigged and posed in maya. final lighting test in marmoset designer
  9. Finished Render Close-up, 2020, rendered in marmoset designer
  10. Full-Body Render, 2020, rendered in marmoset designer

Departments College of Visual Performing Arts, Date: Year 2020, Degree Type BFA, Gallery Campus Gallery, Gallery Exhibitions