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Mingjue Zhu

Art + Design: Integrated Studio Arts

About Mingjue Zhu

Mingjue Zhu was born in Suzhou, China, and transitioned from an Illustration major to an Integrated Studio Arts major at UMass Dartmouth. Through an extensive study of media, Mingjue found her interest in learning how to give lives to her characters. She focuses on learning animation, character design, 2D animation, and 3D modeling. In her degree portfolio, each project shows how a character is vivid in different media. 


I was surrounded by anime and comics in my childhood and had a dream to create my own characters and give them personalities. I first became an Illustration major and now graduate as an Integrated Studio Art major to realize this goal with many different kinds of media.

My portfolio is created from 3 projects. The first one is a 2D animation inspired by Alice in Wonderland. I designed this project from characters to storyboard to animated video to show this story. I am also excited to make my second project, which are 3D modeling/sculpting and a 3D printing project. It is another way for me to show how my characters are in the real world. Both of them are 3D printed so that I can touch them and feel them.


Email: tangcujuemingzi@gmail.com
Website: tangcujuemingzi.wixsite.com/mzhu/portfolio