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Nikita Cardoso

Art + Design: Graphic Design

About Nikita Cardoso

My work is fueled by imagery, typography, and color. I am seeking to create sophisticated designs to communicate information as well as visually stimulate the viewer. As a designer, I have the power to inspire, motivate, and make very detailed concepts to allow others to connect with design on a personal level. It’s my dream that throughout my career, I can spread this connection. I want everyone to understand better that message portrayed and have an ever-lasting impression every day.


My work seeks to explore how the voices of people of color aren’t being heard. My design strives to raise awareness for those voices by the use of bold colors, images of my peers, and digital illustrations. “Fighting To Be Heard” is more than just a statement—it a phrase that too many people are uncomfortable hearing. We are all human; underneath our skin, we are all the same. I am joining the fight to ensure that these powerful voices are never marginalized through my design.

Fighting To Be Heard, 2021, cover (3), 10in x 8in
Fighting To Be Heard, 2021, cover (3), 10in x 8in
Fighting To Be Heard, 2021, flip book video, 1346 × 813


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