Rebecca McBride

Art + Design: Interior Architecture + Design

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About Rebecca McBride

My name is Rebecca McBride, and I am an Interior Architecture & Design Major that transferred to UMass when Mount Ida College closed in 2018. Since childhood, I have adored watching HGTV, which ultimately lead me on the path to get my degree in Interior Architecture & Design, but I have learned after four years of designing that HGTV is not representative of the interior design industry. I want to help prove to the world that interior design is more than just having a “pretty home” and advocate for sustainability, inclusivity, accessibility, and evidenced-based design throughout all of the interior design industries. I am currently studying to take the first portion of the NCIDQ certification exam as well as the LEED GA certification and I aspire to work in the hospitality industry designing boutique hotels.


My senior year thesis project focuses on the design of an LGBTQIA+ youth homeless shelter located in San Antonio, Texas. The shelter, “Under Our Wing” not only provides LGBTQIA+ youth who need housing a place to stay, but also provides essential amenities like food, laundry, and mental & physical health support. Among these essential amenities, there are also extra support services like education & job assistance, case management, a gym & yoga studio, and multiple places to relax or hang out with the internal community. “Under Our Wing” also provides a Drop-In service for LGBTQIA+ in need of immediate care, supplies, or resources to help the entire LGBTQIA+ youth population of San Antonio regardless of their current status. This shelter aims to bring LGBTQIA+ homeless youth into the nest, nurture them back to their best state, and set them free with knowledge and resources for them to survive on their own.


Date: Year 2021, Degree Type BS, Departments College of Visual Performing Arts, Gallery Campus Gallery, Gallery Exhibitions