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Program Objectives

The need for advanced degrees in Civil and Environmental Engineering is both regional and global. The UMassD Master of Science in Civil and Environmental Engineering (MSCE) assists the region’s, the state’s and the nation’s industries, small businesses, and governmental agencies by providing an accessible source of graduate education.

The program offers small classes, close contact with a diverse and international faculty, and easy access to well supported research facilities to provide state-of-the-art learning and research experiences. Courses are scheduled to permit either full-time or part-time study.

Program Objective

Our program aims at providing students with the knowledge, the skills and the confidence needed to address the civil infrastructure challenges of today and future.


Program Outcomes

MSCE graduates will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate advanced level of understanding in the general areas of civil and environmental engineering
  2. Demonstrate in-depth knowledge and understanding of advanced topics in chosen area of specialization
  3. Identify and formulate complex civil and environmental engineering problems 
  4. Develop advanced solutions to complex civil and environmental engineering problems
  5. Communicate effectively technical materials verbally and through professional reports and publications

Program Faculty

The faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering Department are active in funded research activities and thus are in a strong position to support graduate students in conducting world class research in such areas as transportation materials and systems, water and wastewater treatment, hazardous waste decontamination, fate and transport of contaminants, geotechnical engineering, applied and computational mechanics and materials engineering, structural engineering, quantitative engineering sustainability and resilience, hydrology, water resources engineering and ocean engineering. The Civil and Environmental Engineering Department maintains Geotechnical, Environmental, Fluid Mechanics, Mechanics of Materials, and Transportation Laboratories for research and educational purposes. Below is a list of CEN faculty and their fields of interest

Beemer, Ryan Assistant Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering (2019), BSCE 2008 Washington State University, MS 2010 Texas A&M University, PhD 2016 Texas A&M University.  Specialization:  Geotechnical engineering, offshore foundations, marine renewable energy systems.

Bompoti, Nefeli Assistant Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering (2023), Diploma 2012 National Technical University of Athens, Greece,  MSc 2014 National Technical University of Athens, Greece, PhD 2016 University of ConnecticutSpecialization: Fate and Transport of Pollution in the Environment, Environmental Site Assessment and Remediation, Environmental Justice and Sustainability and Probabilistic and Data-driven Approaches for Engineers.

MacDonald, Daniel (CEN Department Co - Chairperson) Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering (2003) BSCE 1992 University of New Hampshire, MS 1996 Cornell University, PhD 2002 Massachusetts Institute of Technology/Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute Joint Program. Specializations: Coastal fluid dynamics, stratified turbulence, marine renewable energy, environmental engineering.

Mellor, Jonathan (CEN Department Co - Chairperson and Acting Graduate Program Director) Assistant Teaching Professor (2020), BS 2001 College of William and Mary, MS 2006 University of Virginia, MS 2009 Michigan Technological University, PhD 2013 University of Virgina.  Specialization: Water resources, complex systems, water and health and environmental engineering

Mogawer, Walaa Commonwealth Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering (1989), BSc 1981 Kuwait University, MSc 1984, PhD 1989 University of Rhode Island, Specialization: Transportation engineering.

Sengupta, Sukalyan Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering (1994), BS 1985 Calcutta University, MS 1991, PhD 1994 Lehigh University. Specialization: Environmental engineering.

Tootkaboni, Mazdak Associate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering (2010), BSc in Civil Engineering 2000 and MSc in Earthquake engineering 2002 University of Tehran, MSc 2007 and PhD 2009 in Structural Mechanics Johns Hopkins University. Specialization: Computational solid and structural mechanics, uncertainty quantification, data analytics, topology optimization, design under uncertainty.

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