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Accelerated BS/MS Program

CEN undergraduate students at UMass Dartmouth can choose to apply to the accelerated 5-Year BS/MS option. The preferred time to do so is during the fall of your junior year. Upon admission, these students are required to follow one of the three tracks. However, students in the 5-Year BS/MS program are allowed to have 6 credits of upper level (400 or higher) tech-elective (not core-elective) courses count towards both the BS and MS degrees. They must receive a B or better for those courses to qualify. They can also automatically transfer up to 3 credits of 500 level courses for which they received a C or better. Lastly, UMassD students who have previously pursued another degree program and non-matriculate UMassD students may also officially exclude any number of additional 500-level courses from their BS degrees which can be used towards their MS degree. To do so, they must fill out the Graduate-Level Course Exclusion Request Form for BA-MA, BS-MS or BA/BS-MBA Students at least 48 hours before the add/drop deadline.

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