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Office: Textile Building, Room 219A, Tel: 508.999.8465
Graduate Program Director

The MS in Civil and Environmental Engineering assists the region's and the nation’s industries, small businesses, and governmental agencies by providing an accessible source of graduate education for its engineering employees. The need for advanced degrees in Civil and Environmental Engineering is both regional and global. The region is experiencing growth pressure and its attendant development, environmental and infrastructure problems. Our master's degree program helps provide Civil Engineers, with skills that are needed to handle such challenges, now and in the future. The educational goals of the program include (a) enhancing the knowledge of practicing civil and environmental engineers and providing them with the skills, experience, and confidence to solve the complex problems of today, as well as problems not yet encountered and (b) providing civil engineering graduates with the necessary basis to embark on a journey of lifelong learning either in professional development or in higher education.


The program offers small classes, close contact with a diverse faculty, and easy access to well-supported computational and experimental research facilities to provide state-of-the-art learning and research experiences. Courses are scheduled to permit either fulltime or part-time study.