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The MS in Civil and Environmental Engineering builds on a strong undergraduate degree with close linkages to regional industries through faculty consulting and student projects, with specialization emphases in Structural and Geotechnical Engineering, Environmental and Water Resources Engineering, and Transportation Engineering.

The MS in Civil and Environmental Engineering assists the region's industries, small businesses, and governmental agencies by providing an accessible source of graduate education for its engineering employees. Southeastern Massachusetts has been forecast to be the fastest growing region in the Commonwealth.

The need for advanced degrees in Civil and Environmental Engineering is both regional and global. With recent major improvements in high-speed access to this region and the extraordinary rise in real estate value in suburban Boston, the region is experiencing residential growth pressure and its attendant development and infrastructure problems.

Moreover, this region has been facing a number of environmental problems that could impact its economic development. These include but are not limited to water quality and quantity issues for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) designated sole-source aquifers of Cape Cod and Plymouth-Carver, lake eutrophication, hazardous waste handling, preservation of the ecological health of the bays, industrial wastewater treatment, solid waste handling, and leachate collection and , treatment. Our master's degree program helps provide environmental professionals working in this region, now and in the future, with skills that are needed to handle such challenges.

The program offers small classes, close contact with a diverse faculty, and easy access to well supported research facilities to provide state of-the-art learning and research experiences.

Courses are scheduled to permit either full time or part-time study, and are offered at times that are convenient for students employed in industry and government.