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The need for advanced degrees in civil and environmental engineering is both regional and global—and the MS in Civil & Environmental Engineering assists major industries, small businesses, and governmental agencies by providing an accessible source of graduate education for its engineering employees.

Engineering for today & tomorrow

The program provides civil engineers with the skills that are needed to handle the challenges of growth and its attendant development, environmental, and infrastructure problems. You will have the advantages of small classes sizes, outstanding faculty, state-of-the-art facilities, and exciting research opportunities. Courses are scheduled to allow either full-time or part-time study.

Students with a background in civil engineering may also be interested in UMassD's PhD in Engineering & Applied Science.

Program Eligibility

Individuals with a BS degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering from an accredited institution and a GPA of at least 2.5 are eligible to apply to the MSCE program. Those with BS degrees in other fields or a BS in Civil and Environmental Engineering from a non-accredited institution need to have successfully passed the following courses before being considered for the graduate program: 

•    One year (2 semesters) of Physics + One year (2 semesters) of Chemistry + One year (2 semesters) of Calculus 
•    EGR 241: Engineering Mechanics I (Statics) 
•    EGR 242: Engineering Mechanics II (Dynamics) 
•    CEN 202: Mechanics of Materials 
•    CEN 303: Fluid Mechanics 
Some of the above courses could possibly be waived in consultation with the academic advisor and the graduate program director. Enrollment in CEN grad courses, however, requires that the pre-requisites put in place by the CEN faculty teaching the course be met. 

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