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Program Objectives

Goals and outcomes: Master of Science in Computer Science

Program goals

  • Graduates who succeed as leaders at project and enterprise levels.
  • Graduates who are able to pursue Ph.D. studies.
  • Graduates who contribute to the development of computer industry.
  • Graduates who using computer science knowledge contribute to the advancement of other industries.

Program outcomes

  • Graduates are able to individually solve advanced problems in computing.
  • Graduates are able to effectively participate as members/leaders of software/system development teams.
  • Graduates are able to analyze and design system components and processes to meet specific requirements.
  • Graduates are able to communicate effectively both orally & in writing on advanced topics in computing.
  • Graduates can apply advanced methodologies and technologies when solving problems and developing software/systems.
  • Graduates are effective self-learners and continue to acquire knowledge of new trends and technologies in their fiel.
  • Graduates who have advanced knowledge of computer theory, computer systems, and software.
  • Graduates are able to conduct research on assigned topic.
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