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Windows Remote Access

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Virtual Windows 10 desktops are available through the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) from any computer. 

connect through a web browser: 

or connect using view client: 

(from off campus you first have to connect to the VPN instructions are at
download appropriate client here 
on first run, set server to


Sign in as normal with your UMASSD username and password.

select Engineering Lab 

Mapped drives:
U: University drive 1GB
Z: Eng share 4GB
M: Class drive

You will also have access to your local computer drives to transfer files.

Installed software:

  • ADS
  • Mathcad
  • Matlab
  • MS Office
  • Multisim
  • Eclipse
  • LC3
  • Visual Studio

Other software will be made available for specific classes as needed, contact if your required software is not available for your course.





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