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Windows Remote Access

Corsairs Desktop

Software used in CIS courses is now available on the Corsairs Desktop from any computer, this can be accessed through a web browser or client download.

The U:\ Drive mapped will be available to save your work

Installed software:

  • MS Office
  • Eclipse
  • LC3
  • Visual Studio

Remote Desktop

Windows Remote Desktop is also available for direct access to the CIS lab computers for software and projects required in CIS courses, this will provide an identical environment to working in the CIS Dion labs.  Please only use remote desktop outside of normal business hours.

To connect to the Windows machines with remote desktop first connect to the campus VPN:

Once connected you can use Windows Remote Desktop to connect to the computers listed below.

Login with your Umassd email username and password.

Dion 305:

Dion 311:





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