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Graduate Certificate in Computer Systems

Offered jointly by the Department of Computer and Information Science and the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Upon completion of this certificate program, participants will have gained:

  • Knowledge of tools, techniques, and theory associated with computer systems performance assessment.
  • Understanding of computer architectures and their trade-offs.
  • A breadth of knowledge in computer systems software.
  • Understanding of fundamental issues associated with computer systems engineering.
  • A route into UMass Dartmouth's MS program in Computer Engineering or in Computer Science.

The Computer Systems certificate program is offered jointly by the Departments of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Computer and Information Science. The five courses that students take for this certificate are compatible with MS degree requirements for either Computer Science or Electrical Engineering (Computer Engineering option), enabling certificate recipients to transition to either degree program without loss of credit.

Admission to the Certificate Program

Applicants apply for acceptance to a graduate certificate program through the Office of Graduate Studies. Applicants for acceptance to this certificate are required to hold an appropriate undergraduate degree such as a BS in Computer Engineering, Computer Science, or Electrical Engineering. Applicants to this certificate also follow the general procedures for graduate degree acceptance into the MS in Electrical Engineering and the MS in Computer Science, but in a curtailed form. Thus, they fill out the same application form as do degree applicants and supply an essay and official transcripts of all post-secondary work, as instructed therein. However, they are not required to submit GRE scores or recommendation letters.

Prospective students can take up to two courses for the certificate before completing their official acceptance to the certificate program, with permission of the instructor.

A joint faculty committee will review applications for acceptance to this certificate program. One element in the review will be to assess whether a student has met the stated prerequisites and in general has the appropriate combination of background and experience to succeed in the program. Acceptance may be offered with a contingency that the student must also take one or more undergraduate prerequisite courses.

Requirements for the Certificate in Computer Systems

  1. ECE 560 Computer Systems Performance Evaluation
  2. ECE 562 Advanced Computer Architecture
  3. ECE 565 Computer Operating Systems
  4. Choose two of the following courses:
    • CIS 560 Theoretical Computer Science
    • CIS 570 Advanced Computer Systems
    • CIS 577 Computer Networks
    • CIS 580 Paradigmatic Software Development
Certificate students receive the same benefits as do degree students as regards access to the full range of university services and facilities and may register along with graduate degree students. Other graduate policies, such as those for longevity of credit, acceptable grades, and repeatability of courses, apply to certificate students as to degree students. Certificate students pay graduate tuition and fees.
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