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Industrial Advisory Board

The Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) consists of engineering leaders from the electrical and computer engineering industry appointed by the ECE Chairperson who is an ex-officio member of the IAB. These engineering leaders assist the ECE department in assessing the technical content and performance of its programs in Electrical Engineering and in Computer Engineering.

The IAB meets with the faculty of the ECE department once or twice a year to discuss issues and review the outcomes and objectives of the undergraduate and graduate programs.

Members of the IAB

Wayne Campos
President & CEO
MIET Healthcare Inc. and Hippo Data Storage
Fall River, MA

Carlos Casanova
President & Solutions Architect
Slatersville, RI

Stephen Collins
Principal Consultant
Westport, MA

Marshall W. Cross
MegaWave Corporation
Devens, MA

Sara A. Ferland
Computer Engineer
Unmanned Undersea Vehicles & Propulsions Systems
Naval Undersea Warfare Center (NUWC)
Newport, RI

David Hague
Research Scientist
Sensors and Sonar Systems Department
Naval Undersea Warfare Center (NUWC)
Newport, RI

Stephen Hall
Product Validation Engineer
Onset Computer Corporation
Bourne, MA

Norm Hildreth

Eric K. Jamieson
Senior Principal Engineer
Raytheon Company
Portsmouth, RI

Thomas A. Lambalot
Entrepreneur and Consultant
Nashua, NH

David A. Lincoln
Middletown, RI

Fred Magalhaes
Director, Electric Design and Engineering
General Dynamics Electric Boat
Groton, CT

W. Vance McCollough
Manager of Systems Engineering Technical Staff (Retired)
Raytheon Company
Portsmouth, RI

Earl Medeiros
Hardware Quality Assurance Supervisor
EMC Corporation
Hopkinton, MA

Brock Morrissette
Manufacturing Engineering Operations Consultant
Lockheed Martin
Marion, MA

Tom Northardt
Engineer IV
Middletown, RI

Timothy Palmer
Manager, Systems & Architecture Center of Excellence
General Dynamics Mission Systems
Taunton, MA

Ken Rapoza
Senior Electrical Engineer
Lockheed Martin
Marion, MA