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Engineers Without Borders

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Since 2002, Engineers Without Borders USA (EWB-USA) has developed from eight engineering students and one engineering professor to a group of over 12,000 students, professors, and professionals in several different areas of study. With over 350 projects in more than 45 different countries, EWB-USA is helping millions of people to live safely and sustainably. There are over 250 chapters across the United States; the UMass EWB-USA Chapter is one of 180 university chapters currently operating.

Our Vision

While many of us take running water and sanitation systems for granted, many communities throughout the world still live without these necessities. Engineers Without Borders USA imagines a world in which all human beings can sustainably meet these basic human needs.

Our Mission

Engineers Without Borders USA works with communities and local partners to provide sustainable engineering designs and fulfillment of these designs. While EWB-USA has its founding roots in engineering solutions, there is much more than just engineering involved in the development and execution of these plans. The social and cultural aspects of each affected community must be considered, as well as the long-term viability of each project proposal. 


When a project is considered, Engineers Without Borders USA makes a plan to involve the community in their own solution and creates a long-term relationship with them. By including the community and local organizations in the area, the people who will be using the proposed system are included from the start and are able to take part in their own success. These community members and organizations are trained by EWB-USA members to be able to monitor and maintain the project after it is fully implemented. In this way, the project is sure to be successful after the EWB-USA members have withdrawn direct contact.

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