School of Education

STEM Education and Teacher Development

MAT & Licensure Programs: Information on becoming a teacher, or seeking advanced licensure in the following fields: 

  • Biology (8-12)
  • Chemistry (8-12)
  • English (5-8) (8-12)
  • French (5-12)
  • General Science (5-8)
  • History (5-8) (8-12)
  • Mathematics (5-8) (8-12)
  • Physics (8-12)
  • Portuguese (5-12)            
  • Spanish (5-12) 

Math Education PhD: A program focused on cutting edge research and reform-based teaching and learning.


Educational Leadership

The Department of Educational Leadership offers the Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies (Ed.D. & Ph.D). 

We are fully committed to furthering the ideas of critical transformative leadership and advocating for authentic participatory leadership by providing exemplary teaching, scholarly research, and community engagement to advance theory and inform practice.