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Walter Stroup
Chair and Associate Professor

Walter’s current research is related to generative activity design that celebrates and attempts to leverage the dynamic and inclusive participatory potential of classroom-based learning and teaching in science and mathematics.  LA-398B 508.910.6097 wstroup@umassd.edu
Christopher Clinton
Full-Time Lecturer
Chris' research is focused on the ways in which assessment are used in teacher preparation.  LA-399K 508.910.6097 cclinton@umassd.edu
Beste Güçler
Associate Professor 
Beste’s present work explores how mathematical discourse develops over history and in undergraduate calculus classes with a focus on the concept of limit.  LA-396C  508.910.6952  bgucler@umassd.edu
Maureen Hall
Maureen is interested in English Education, middle and secondary education, literacy, developmental reading and language arts k-12, curriculum design, professional development, community-making, innovation and reform LA-398C 508.999.8211 mhall@umassd.edu
Shakhnoza Kayumova
Assistant Professor
Shahknoza is interested in the conditions of possibility for English Language Learners within STEM content area classes in K-12.  LA-399K 508.910.9033 skayumova@umassd.edu
Sheila Macrine
Sheila is interested in Reading/Special Education, Education Reform, and Critical-Feminist Theory LA-398F 508.999.9234 smacrine@umassd.edu
Chandra Orrill
Associate Professor
Chandra is interested in teachers' mathematical knowledge and how to support teachers' mathematical learning. Most of her research focuses on middle school teacher's knowledge related to multiplicative reasoning.  LA-399L 774.929.3052 corrill@umassd.edu
Karen Terrell
Full-Time Lecturer
Karen's research is focused on how to prepare teachers to meet the needs of English Language Learners in their classrooms. LA-399A 508.910.6617 kterrell@umassd.edu
Stephen Witzig
Assistant Professor
Stephen studies the development of teachers' specialized knowledge for teaching science. LA-398E 508.910.9030 switzig@umassd.edu


Emeritus Faculty Email
Armand Desmarais
Professor Emeritus
Teaching in certification and mentoring, teacher induction. adesmarais@umassd.edu
Cynthia Kruger
Professor Emeritus
Middle and secondary education, curriculum development, methodology, social studies, reading, inclusive education. ckruger@umassd.edu


Traci Almeida
Graduate Admissions Coordinator
LA-372 508.999.8098 talmeida@umassd.edu

STEM Education Secretary
LA-398F 508.999.8262