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Catherine Neto (Professor, Chair)

Chemistry of biologically active natural products, phytochemistry and health, organic analytical chemistry
Ph.D., Brown University, '88
(508)910-6928; Lab: 6654


Maria Carreiro
M, T, W
SENG 307 (508)999-8232

Rachel White
W, Th, F
SENG 307 (508)999-8232

Current Tenured/Tenure Track Faculty

Patrick J. Cappillino (Associate Professor)
Inorganic Chemistry
Ph.D., Boston University, '09
Violette 201C (508)910-6639

Shuowei Cai (Professor)
Bioanalytical chemistry
Ph.D., Univeristy of Massachusetts, '01
Violette 210 (508)999-8807, Fax 8451

Wei-Shun Chang (Assistant Professor)
Single-particle spectromicroscopy, catalysis, biosensing
Ph.D., University of Texas, Austin. '07
SENG 317 (508)999-8247

Maolin Guo (Professor)
Biochemistry and molecular biology, protein engineering, structural biology, bioinorganic, bioorganic chemistry, nutritional biochemistry and analytical biochemistry
Ph.D., Edinburgh University, '00.
Violette 218 (508)999-8871

Xiaofei Jia (Assistant Professor)
Ph.D., Michigan State University, '08
Violette 211B (508)999-8212

David Manke (Associate Professor)
Inorganic Chemistry
Ph.D., MIT, '05.
Violette 201B (508)910-6554

Maricris Mayes (Associate Professor)
Theoretical and Computational Chemistry
Ph.D., Michigan State University, '07
SENG 311 (508)999-8420

Emmanuel Ojadi (Associate Professor)
Chemical physics, laser spectroscopy and applications, photochemistry, photophysics and photobiology of porphyrins and analogous systems
Ph.D., Brandeis University, '86
SENG 307A (508)999-8252 Lab 9246, 8292

Sivappa Rasapalli (Associate Professor)
Organic chemistry
Ph.D., University of Pune, India, '02
Violette 216 (508)999-8276 Lab 9209

Yuegang Zuo (Chancellor Professor)
Analytical chemistry, environmental chemistry, marine chemistry and photochemical transformation of organic and inorganic substances in the environment
Ph.D., Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETH2) ‘92.
SENG 325B (508)999-8959 

Faculty Emeritus

Alan H. Bates, inorganic chemistry; Ph.D., Harvard University, ‘70.

Russell R.Bessette, analytical chemistry, Ph.D., University of Massachusetts Amherst, '67.

Donald W. Boerth, organic chemistry, Ph.D., University of Minnesota, '74.

William L. Dills, Jr., biochemistry Ph.D., University of Vermont, ‘73.

David Z. Goodson, chemical physics, Ph.D., Harvard University, '87 (

James A. Golen, physical inorganic chemistry, Ph.D., UMass Amherst, ‘70.

Michele I. Mandrioli, inorganic chemistry/course website development, Ph.D., Clark University, ‘77.

J. Donald Smith, biochemistry, Ph. D., University of Chicago, '69.

Timothy C. K. Su, physical chemistry, Ph.D., Wayne State University, '71.

Margaret A. Wechter, analytical chemistry, Ph. D., Iowa State University, '67.

Chang-Ning Wu, organic chemistry, Ph.D. University of Iowa, ' 64.

Full-Time Lecturers

Brian Blanchette
Ph.D. University of Massachusetts Lowell/Dartmouth, '02
SENG 310 (508)999-8059

Ava Kreider-Mueller
Inorganic Chemistry
Ph.D. Columbia University, '14
SENG 304A (508)999-9071

Jamie Lawton
Physical Chemistry;
Ph.D. Northeastern University, '10 
SENG 304 (508)999-8246

Anne Liberty
M.S., University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
SENG 301C (508)910-6476

Olusegun B Olubanwo
Organic Chemistry;
Ph. D. UMass Lowell/Dartmouth, '10
SENG 303 (508)910-6975

Christine Piva
Pharmaceutical Sciences;
Ph.D. University of Rhode Island, '15
SENG 308B (508)999-8297

Melissa Silvia
SENG 302 (508)910-6909

Yibin Wei
SENG 304B (508)999-8234
Ph.D., Shanxi University, '05

Technical Staff

Robert Berry (NMR Manager and Lecturer)
SENG 304B (508)999-8297

Carl Leidhold (Technician) 
SENG 314 (508)999-8243 

Paula Wilson (Technician)
SENG 308A (508)999-9269


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