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Foreign Literature and Languages

In Memoriam: Wendy Perrin Holmes, 1963-2018

Wendy joined the Department in 2012 as our secretary. We will remember her joy in life, her love of learning, her laugh. She is sorely missed.



 The Department of Foreign Literature and Languages offers:

  • Language courses in Arabic, French, German, Italian, and Spanish
  • Majors and minors in French and Spanish (literature, culture, and advanced language courses)
  • French and Spanish concentrations within the Liberal Arts Major
  • French and Spanish literature and culture courses in English translation
  • Italian Studies courses in English translation

The study of world languages brings you opportunities to discover new worlds and connect with other cultures. Learning another language will make a difference in how you view the world and how the world views you. It expands the outlook and interests of the educated citizen, and cultivates a spirit of tolerance and understanding. Enlightened citizenship is key to being able to function in today’s ever-shrinking world.

To be competitive on a global scale, the business world of tomorrow needs individuals who can work in a culturally diverse environment and who have strong skills in a foreign language. The knowledge of other languages is a valuable asset in the workplace of tomorrow. Workers will be called upon to cooperate with colleagues in other countries, crossing time zones, languages, and cultures.


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