Spanish Resources

Resources andLinks Adapted from Stanford University's Spanish Program Website

On-line Dictionaries (Easy to Advanced): (extensive list)

Spanish Search Engines:

Chat Rooms and Discussion Fora:

Lingolex bilingual and Spanish chat rooms:
Letras de canciones Chat:
Univisión Chat en español:
Univisión Foros en español:

On-line Radio and Television:

BBC news in Spanish:
BBC radio in Spanish worldwide:
BBC news audio magazine with language learning support:
Canal Once Video Gallery (Mexico):
Caracol Radio (Colombia):
AM 590 Continental (Argentina):
Televisión educativa (Mexico):
Televisión educativa (programming information): (Scroll down to the bottom of the page for a list of links to Spanish language radio stations worldwide)
Fonoteca virtual (audio recordings of literary classics from Spain):
Hispanic Radio Network, Inc. (U.S.)
List of links to stations in Spanish and Portuguese throughout the Americas:
Mundo Latino (U.S.):
Radio Prague in Spanish:
Radio Televisión Expañola (Spain):
Radio y Televisión de Andalucía (Southern Spain):
Radio UNAM (Mexico):
Radio Universidad, Puerto Rico:
Spanish Internet Radio:
Spanish Language Online Radio (a Hungarian site that directly links to hundreds of Spanish language radio stations worldwide):
Videoteca virtual (video recordings of literary classics from Spain):
Huge list of links to stations throughout the Americas:

Newspapers and Magazines:
Clarín (Argentina)
La Nación (Argentina) (Bolivia)
La Razón (Bolivia)
Los Tiempos (Bolivia)
El Mercurio (Chile)
El Tiempo (Colombia)
La Nación (Costa Rica)
Cubanet (Cuba)
Granma (Cuba)
El Comercio (Ecuador)
Diario Hoy (Ecuador)
El Diario de Hoy (El Salvador)
El País (España)
Prensa Libre (Guatemala) http//
Futuro Africano (Guinea Ecuatorial)
La Prensa (Honduras)
La Opinión (Los Angeles, CA)
La Jornada (México)
Excelsior (México)
El Nuevo Herald (Miami, FL)
El Diario (NY, NY)
La Prensa (Nicaragua)
El Siglo (Panamá)
Última Hora (Paraguay)
Caretas (Perú)
El Comercio (Perú)
El Vocero (Puerto Rico)
El Caribe (República Dominicana)
El Listín Diario (República Dominicana)
El Mensajero (San Francisco, CA)
El Nacional (Venezuela)

Culture Links:

Casa Ecuador (Portal):
Fonoteca virtual (audio recordings of literary classics from Spain):
Information on practically any topic for readers of all ages:
Latin American Nobel Prize winners:
Mafalda (Argentinean comic strip):
México para niños:
Museo Arte Contemporáneo de Puerto Rico:
Museo Chileno de Arte Precolombino:
Museo de Arte Carrillo Gil:
Museo del Barrio (Nueva York, USA):
Museo Nacional de Antropología (México):
Museo de arte de Ponce (Puerto Rico):
Museo del Prado (Madrid, España):
Portal for college students from the Spanish-speaking world: (lists of films, books in Spanish and more):
Sports (España):
Sports (España):
Traditional songs, rhymes, fingerplays, and games in Spanish:
Various culture and literature links:

Music Links:

Latin pop:
History of rock worldwide:
Lyrics, movies, sports and more:
Lyrics to traditional songs:
Music lessons and lyrics:

General Language Learning Resources in Spanish:

Spanish language learning resources of all kinds for all levels, compiled by the BBC:
Linguistic functions and service encounters, from greetings to phone use to travel reservations and more, enacted, transcribed, and translated:

Vocabulary and Pronunciation Practice:

Basic vocabulary:
Vocabulary for basic service encounters (e.g., going shopping):
Vocabulary for basic themes (e.g., foods, family, animals, etc.)
Basic vocabulary and more:

Grammar Practica

Grammar review activities and exercises:
Basic exercises:
Basic exercises:
Basic exercises:
Basic exercises:
Verb conjugator:
Verb conjugator:
Verb conjugator and dictionary: