From UMass Dartmouth Corsair to Yale Bulldog: Jeremy Hunt’s Journey

Since graduating in 2012, Liberal Arts alum Jeremy Hunt has been following his passion. His lastest stop is New Haven, CT.

Jeremy Hunt sitting on the ground

Since graduating in 2012, Liberal Arts alum Jeremy Hunt has been following his passion. After graduation, he received a job offer to work in Washington D.C. as a staff assistant.

But in October of 2013, Hunt changed jobs and began working as a research analyst/copy editor at Bloomberg BNA (formerly known as The Bureau of National Affairs, Inc.) He monitored and analyzed federal and state regulatory developments on air, waste, energy, natural resources, and environmental health and safety issues.

Journey to Yale University

It was this work that helped Hunt develop a strong interest in environmental policy. “I decided to apply to the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies to pursue a Master of Environmental Management (MEM) after my work in the U.S. Senate and Bloomberg fostered a strong interest in environmental policy,” he said. “I also got involved in non-profit work around DC and attended various conferences and events centering on environmental issues.”  

Accepted into Yale’s MEM program, Hunt began his studies this fall. He is taking courses on Building Scientific Narratives for Climate Engagement, Physical Science for Environmental Management, and Energy Systems Analysis. He’s also volunteering with Seed to Salad–a nonprofit that works with second graders from public schools in and around New Haven and teaches them about plant anatomy, seed cycles, composting, and nutrition.

“The best thing about studying at Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies is having the opportunity to pursue my interests and having the freedom to customize my degree and studies,” Hunt said. “My classmates represent many national and international regions, and they bring fresh perspectives to discussions.”

UMass Dartmouth prepared him for success

Studying at Yale is challenging, but Hunt is confident that he is prepared. At UMass Dartmouth, he took several courses that helped him gain a deeper understanding of the region, and he was able to explore many different areas.

“As a liberal arts major, I was able to explore many courses and create a class schedule that furthered my interests in several areas, rather than following a rigid curriculum,” Hunt said. “I believe this allowed me to branch out and discover the issues that spoke to me as an individual.”

Not only did the flexible curriculum prepare Hunt, but his internship with the Washington Center Program for Internships and Academic Seminars helped set up his path to Washington and Yale. “If it were not for my advisor urging me to enroll in the Washington Center Program, I would have never made it to Washington, D.C.,” he said. “It’s very likely that I would be in a different place in my career.” 

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