2022 2022: UMass Dartmouth to host 2022 Engaged Scholarship Symposium
UMass Dartmouth to host 2022 Engaged Scholarship Symposium

The 9th annual Leduc Center for Civic Engagement event will examine academic contributions to community development

UMassD Engaged Scholarship Symposium 2022

On February 25, the UMass Dartmouth Leduc Center for Civic Engagement will host the 2022 UMassD Engaged Scholarship Symposium at 12 p.m. online via Zoom.

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The Symposium will feature a Keynote Address from Andrew J. Hoffman, the Holcim (US) Professor of Sustainable Enterprise at the University of Michigan. Hoffman’s research explores how environmental issues emerge and evolve as social, political, and managerial issues. He will discuss his new book, The Engaged Scholar: Expanding the Impact of Academic Research in Today’s World.

The event is designed to celebrate the usefulness of scholarship in shaping policy and enriching communities. Attendees will be exposed to strategies involving students in active teaching, research, and examples of engaged scholarship across many disciplines.

The keynote will be followed by UMass Dartmouth faculty presentations of engaged scholarship in different fields:

  • “The Sustainable Fashion Quest: Innovations in Business and Policy” by Associate Professor Nikolay Anguelov (Public Policy)
  • “Creating and Sustaining a Living Nature Lab in Dartmouth Massachusetts” by Assistant Professor Robert Gegear (Biology)
  • “Friendship Dynamics during the Pandemic” by Professor Mahzad Hojjat (Psychology)
  • “Facilitating Social Justice and Community Activism through Choral Music” by Associate Professor Ronald Sherwin (Music)

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