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About James Tooker

James Tooker is an Italian-raised American designer with a love for exploration, passion for creative expression, and fascination for the effects that color and light can have on the human state. He believes design should initially be driven by experimentation and curiosity and should later be tuned by a few rules of aesthetic harmony and simplicity. What excites him most about design is its process, from conception as a thought or spark of purpose to visual representation. This expression of thoughts by visual means is what brought him to love design as a child and still inspires him to create as he continues exploring the world around him.


Interspectral: An Interactive Exhibit Observing the Light Spectrum

Through life, I have encountered aspects of color most interesting to me by observing their natural manipulation through reflection, rotation, and refraction. I found inspiration for this exhibit while looking at raindrops falling down a window lit by a streetlight, watching leaves appear to glow in the sunlight, and noticing bright reflections bouncing off my glass at dinner. These colorful shapes created by light, along with their inability of exact replication is what inspired each piece. I am striving to achieve a similar sense of wonder and curiosity for the audience to interact with through my work.


Email: james.tooker@hotmail.com
Webiste: tooker.design

Date: Year 2021, Degree Type BFA, Departments College of Visual Performing Arts, Gallery Campus Gallery, Gallery Exhibitions