Feature Stories 2024: Melanie Veilleux '24: Graphic designer

Feature Stories 2024: Melanie Veilleux '24: Graphic designer
Melanie Veilleux '24: Graphic designer

Graphic design student builds professional résumé in on-campus experiences

When choosing a university and a major, Melanie Veilleux '24 had the maturity not just to focus on her strengths, but also to identify areas she wanted to improve upon. A natural artist, she decided to major in graphic design, and was drawn to UMass Dartmouth's College of Visual & Performing Arts because of her ability to minor in other disciplines.

"Graphic design doesn't just exist within itself," says Veilleux. "It lives through other industries and serves as a tool to share an organization's story, communicate their ideas, and ultimately, solve their problems. I didn't want to just learn about design. I wanted to minor in communications to be a better team member, leader, and designer for my future clients. The COVID-19 pandemic showed me how important communication is to an organization's goal, which played a role in that decision."

Bringing designs to life

Working in the university's marketing department, Veilleux has produced real deliverables she'll be able to show in future job applications. In the past two years, she's designed tote bags for admitted students, contributed to line art designs in new university banners and advertising campaigns at MBTA stations, and starred in numerous @umass_dartmouth Tik Tok videos.

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"It still surprises me when I see my work used by the university," says Veilleux. "Seeing my work 'in the wild' makes me so grateful for this opportunity and experience. I recommend getting an on-campus job to any student. For most students, you can earn real experience related to your major, and your boss understands that you're a student first."

First-year student walks with
First-year student walks with "Proud to be UMassD" tote bag designed by Melanie Veilleux '24.

Graphic Design Club

Veilleux is also the president of the Graphic Design Club, which provides design and non-design majors access and equipment to try new ideas and engage in design conversations within a community passionate about the art form.

"The graphic design club is a space where students can test their skills and interests in design without impacting their grades or course schedule," she says. "In a class, everyone dreads a group project. But when students get together for something they're passionate about in their own time, it's incredibly rewarding to see the creative output.

"Clubs are a great way to meet new people, further engage in your major, or try out your skills in another subject. Student clubs and organizations are so active on this campussometimes there's no room on the bulletin when I try to hang flyers for our events. I think that's a great testament to our students' involvement.

"I didn't expect to get this involved on campus. Opportunities presented themselves and I felt a need to put my skills to work in an environment where I could make mistakes and learn from them so that when I graduated, I already have experience beyond my classes."


  • Class: AXD 354: Experimental Processes
  • Extracurricular activity: Theater Events
  • Mentor: Professor Yoon Soo Lee
  • Spot to eat: The Grove
  • Place to study: The Library
  • Hangout spot: Campus Center
  • Event: Zine Night in the Graphic Design Club