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Curriculum and Courses

Civil Engineering Curriculum Requirements

Select the curriculum below based on your entering year to the University. Check with your faculty advisor if you are unsure which requirements you are following.

Catalog year 2023-24:

Catalog year 2022-23:

Catalog years 2020-21 and 2021-22:

Catalog year 2019-20:

Catalog year 2018-19:

Environmental Resources Engineering (ERE) Concentration

The ERE Concentration is offered to students who wish to expand their education with an emphasis on environmental concerns, assessment of the environmental impact of new or existing products or processes, methods for solving problems resulting from pollution in the air, water, or earth, and the management of energy and resources, in order to minimize pollution in the environment. Students should declare their intention during the junior year and must earn a grade of C- or better in both CEN 303 and CEN 304 in order to then enroll in the List B and List C courses as well as to have the concentration appear on the transcript of record.

The concentration consists of completing both CEN 325 and CEN 411 as well as a combination of courses from three lists. Students are required to take two courses from List A, two courses from List B, and three courses from List C. Students will also complete a capstone design project having an environmental resources engineering emphasis. Students pursuing the concentration are required to earn at least a grade of C in each course in List B and List C.

Catalog year 2023-24:

Catalog year 2022-23:

Catalog years 2020-21 and 2021-22:

Catalog years 2018-19 and 2019-20:

University Studies Requirements

CEN students are required to meet the University Studies requirements by choosing an approved course from the following University Studies Clusters:

Effective Fall 2014, students who transfer to the University with 24 or more transfer credits will follow the Transfer Substitution policy for University Studies.

Advisement Forms

Career Advising Form - Career Advising Form (pdf)

Final Graduation Plan Form (pdf) - to be completed 1 year prior to your planned graduation date.

(i) Final Graduation Plan


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