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Computer Engineering Technical Electives

Technical electives are courses above and beyond the required courses that allow computer engineering students to broaden or deepen their engineering knowledge in one or more technical areas. Students are required to take two technical electives. Generally, allowable technical electives are any 400- or 500- level courses in the College of Engineering (CEN, CIS, ECE, MNE, PHY, BNG departments) or in Mathematics (MTH) except seminars, independent study, directed study, internships, or required courses within the program.

Choices of technical electives must always be discussed with, and approved by, the student’s academic advisor prior to enrollment. Some restrictions are: 

  1. No more than one technical elective may be taken from outside the department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE). 
  2. Only 400- or 500-level courses can be used as technical electives. 
  3. The student must have the required prerequisites and/or co-requisites for each technical elective. 
  4. Enrollment in 500-level courses requires the written permission of the instructor.