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List of MS Theses

Academic Year: 2014-2015

Ardavan Ardeshirilajimi
Optimization of reverse supply chain for remanufacturing returned products
Advisor:  Dr. Farhad Azadivar

Matthew Joseph Oliveira
Biophysical impact of trehalose in mammalian cell desiccation preservation connective desiccation of Sessile droplet
Advisors:  Dr. Sankha Bhowmick & Dr. Alex Fowler

Academic Year: 2013-2014

Ghasemi, Amirmahdi
Computational simulation of the interaction between moving rigid bodies and two-fluid flows
Advisor: Dr. Mehdi Raessi

Salvucci, Michael V.
Improving through-thickness thermal conductivity of carbon fiber composites using various methods to create a conductive interfacial boundary layer, in combination with short Z-axis flocked carbon fiber
Advisor: Dr. John M. Rice

Academic Year: 2012-2013                                

Cardoso, Shane Michael
Sensing of damage in epoxy composites under quasi-static shear and fracture loading using carbon nanotube network
Advisor: Dr. Vijaya B. Chalivendra

Chiriac, Noemi Asiia
Architectural decomposition and its effect on modularity
Advisor: Dr. Katja Holtta-Otto

Codyer, Stephen R.
Accelerating computational simulations of incompressible interfacial flows using a heterogeneous GPU/CPU computing framework
Advisor: Dr. Mehdi Raessi

Genco, Nicole E.
Emphatic experience design
Advisor:  Dr. Katja Holtta-Otto

Jalali, Niloofar
Statistical mode-based simulation for GD&T design synthesis and multi-scale roughness analysis of cylindrical feature
Advisor:  Dr. Wenzhen Huang

Lake, Christopher D.
Improving the thermal conductivity of organic polymer laminar composites using long z-axis flocked carbon fiber
Advisor:  Dr. John M. Rice

Liu, Che-Wei
Analysis of a high solidity hydrokinetic turbine using computational fluid dynamics
Advisor:  Dr. Raymond N.Laoulache

Liu, Jinya
Process capability evaluation method for manufacturing with GD&T specification
Advisor: Dr. Wenzhen Huang

Rugerri, David J.
A finite element analysis of mode I double cantilever beam bending of an organic polymer laminated composite
Advisor: Dr. Miles Sundermeye

Valkovski, Pres P.
Magnetic levitation: nonlinear adaptive model fuzzy-pid contoller
Advisor: Dr. Tesfay Meressi

Academic Year: 2011-2012                                

Bender, Steven P.
Fabrication and characterization of graded powder metal structures for bone implants
Advisor: Dr. Vijaya B. Chalivendra

Colon, Hector O.
Projectile impact behavior of flock fiber z-reinforced composites
Advisor:  Dr. John M. Rice

Kaushik, Anirudh
Z-reinforcing fibrous laminar composites using inter-ply electro-deposited fibers
Advisor:  Dr. John M. Rice

Konda, Bharath Reddy
Statistical mode-based technique for effective GD&T simulation on rectangular planar features
Advisor: Dr. Wenzhen Huang

Medas, Matthew R.
Optimization of asphalt solar collector for pavement temperature reduction and harvest of energy
Advisor:  Dr. Sankha Bhowmick

Nashed, Bahaa S.
Damage analysis of projectile impacted laminar composites
Advisor: Dr. John M. Rice

Padamati, Sashank
Quasi-static and dynamic constitutive behavior of reinforced hydrogels inside liquid environment
Advisor: Dr. Vijaya B. Chalivendra

Vadlamani, Vendat Kalyan
Electro-mechanical response of CNT’s embedded epoxy composites under quasistatic tensile loading
Advisor: Dr. Vijaya B. Chalivendra

Academic Year: 2010-2011 

Beaune, Allen
The effect of spreading a vertically directed jet impinging a sharp density interface
Advisor:  Dr. Peter Friedman

Collins, Brent
Controlled deposition of electrospun fibers
Advisor:  Dr. Alex J. Fowler

Garigipati, Tejaswi
Numerical analysis of straight-blade vertical axis turbine using the vortex lattice method
Advisor:  Dr. Raymond N. Laoulache

Kaile, Arun
Determination of fracture parameters and stress fields of orthotropic functionally graded materials using finite element analysis
Advisor:  Dr. John M. Rice

Venkatatesh, Gurudutt
Efficiency analysis of vertical axis hydrokinetic turbine computation fluid dynamics
Advisor:  Dr. Raymond N, Laoulache

Academic Year: 2009-2010 

Abotula, Sandeep
Pulse shaper design and high strain rate behavior of aerospace aluminum alloys
Advisor:  Dr. Vijaya B. Chalivendra

MacLure, Alyre D.
Effect of pressure cycling on polyurethane/aluminum adhesive fracture energy
Advisor:  Dr. Vijaya B. Chalivendra

Singh, Anshul Kumar
An object oriented approach to function based modeling in product development
Advisor:  Dr. Katja Holtta-Otto

Singh, Ranaway Arjun
The effect of four dimensional design attributes on product similarity and product family look
Advisor:  Dr. Katja Holtta-Otto

Tuteja, Sumit
The effect of product design elements on a company’s financial performance
Advisor:  Dr. Katja Holtta-Otto

Academic Year: 2008-2009  

Crowley, John Bernard
Design and fabrication of Hopkinson Bar setup and dynamic characterization of UHMW polyethylene/hydroxyapatite nanocomposites
Advisor:  Dr.  Vijaya B. Chalivendra

Pahwa, Ankit
Kernel density estimation and acceptance-rejection sampling in process capability analysis of unknown multivariate distributions
Advisor:  Dr.  Wenzhen Huang

Reis, Justin A.
Optimizing of desiccation buffers utilizing disaccharides
Advisor:  Dr.  Sankha Bhowmick

Yan, Hao
Fracture toughness, conductivity and damping properties of z-directional reinforced composites
Advisor:  Dr.  John M. Rice

Academic Year: 2007-2008   

Borsari, Joshua M.
Experimental investigation of the effects of surfactants on CHF and MHF
Advisor:  Dr. Peter Friedman

Chennamaraju, Abishek
Integrated tolerance allocation and fixture layout optimization by number theoretic methods in multi-station assembly systems
Advisor:  Dr. Wenzhen Huang

Desai, Rajendrakumar Amribhi
Application o DOE method to study the grinding of graphite-epoxy composite
Advisor:  Dr. Sherif D. El Wakil & Dr. K. Srinagesh

Mahajan,  Bharat Uhas
Design and control of a ‘robotic spider’ for controlled drawing of fine diameter nitrocellulose fibers
Advisor:  Dr. Tesfay Meressi

Nguyen, Danh Cong
Application of genetic algorithms to gene interactive rules to design a process for preventing the formation of cancerous cells
Advisor:  Dr. Farhad Azadivar

Rawski, Martin
Behavior-based topological navigation system for a restroom cleaning robot using RFID-TAGS
Advisor:  Dr. Farhad Azadivar

Sitaula, Ranjan
Quantification of thermophysical state and interaction of trehalose-salt/trehalose-biologics: implication in the desiccation preservation of mammalian cells
Advisor:  Dr. Sankha Bhowmick

Academic Year: 2006-2007

Feng, Liang
Fracture toughness of through thickness flock fiber reinforced laminar composites
Advisor: Dr. John M. Rice

Hoeg, Daniel P.
Investigation of a coaxial airblast atomizer using particle image velocimetry
Advisor: Dr. Peter Friedman

Kalpesh Shah, Bhavik
Thermal therapy of liver cancer HEPPG2 cells: evaluation of important treatment parameters using cell injury kinetics
Advisor: Dr. Sankha Bhowmick

Meyer, Jr, William James
Experimental simulations of phase mingling in a subaqueous lava fountain
Advisor: Dr. Peter Friedman

Rajan, Vivek
Comparative study of multivariate indexed K-means and multivariate indexed K-median algorithm
Advisor: Dr. Paul Fortier

Reategui Pizarro, Eduardo E.
Study of the viability of mammalian cells in liquid nano-droplets
Advisor:  Dr. Alex J. Fowler

Vadakoot, Vidya Divakaran
Factors affecting the instability threshold of negatively buoyant fountains
Advisor: Dr. Peter Friedman

Wang, Zhen
Hydrodynamics and collection efficiency of two-phase turbulent jet flow over a rotating sphere
Advisor: Dr. Raymond N. Laoulache

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