The American Society for Engineering Education honors the College of Engineering for diversity

One of 28 institutions recognized as "exemplar" in program's inaugural year

ASEE Diversity Recognition Program

The American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) has selected the UMass Dartmouth College of Engineering as an “exemplar” recipient of a Bronze Award in the inaugural year of the ASEE Diversity Recognition Program.

The program was created to publicly recognize engineering and engineering technology colleges that make significant and measurable progress in increasing the diversity, inclusion, and degree attainment outcomes of their programs. The intended outcomes include significantly increasing diversity in student enrollment, retention, and graduation rates and increasing diversity in faculty and the engineering workforce over the next decade.

“I am extremely proud that the College of Engineering received this award as it recognizes our commitment to increase diversity and inclusion in engineering,” said Dean Jean VanderGheynst. “Our efforts will impact diversity not only at UMass Dartmouth, but also the industries in our region that employ our graduates.”

The honor was given to colleges and universities that signed and executed the ASEE Deans Diversity Pledge and met the following criteria: have an infrastructure to support diverse populations; have at least one K-12 or community college pipeline activity; have committed to implement at least one additional program or initiative from a list of proven practices; and have a Diversity and Inclusion Plan that includes measurable goals designed to improve diversity.

The program includes three levels of recognition: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. An institution must attain the Bronze level before applying for Silver and must attain the Silver level before applying for Gold. As this is the inaugural year, only the Bronze level was awarded.

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