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Billing information

Frequently asked questions about making payments, taxes, and health insurance costs.

Payments & Costs

When is payment due?

Bills for the fall semester will be sent out in July and are due by the second Friday in August.

Bills for the spring semester will be sent out in December and are due by the second Friday in January

How can payments be made?

Payments may be made by credit card, check, or cash.

Credit Cards

Visa, Mastercard, or Discover credit cards are accepted online through COIN at myUMassD.

You can also make a credit card payment over the phone by calling the credit card line: 508.999.9129.

Credit Card Line Hours

  • Monday & Thursday: 9:30am to 6:30pm
  • Tuesday, Wednesday, & Friday: 9:30am to 3:30pm

Checks should be made payable to UMass Dartmouth and sent to:

UMass Dartmouth Bursar's Office
285 Old Westport Rd.
North Dartmouth, MA 02747

Please be sure to include your student ID number, found on your invoice, in the memo section of the check.


Cash is accepted at the University Enrollment Center (UEC) but must be in the exact amount. Staff at the UEC are not able to make change.

What are the costs for tuition, fees, and housing?

Cost information:

Where can I find an explanation of my bill?

The Bursar's Office issues a detailed explanation of fees.

Financial aid awarded, if any, has been applied to your bill. Please contact the University Enrollment Center or the Financial Aid office if it does not appear on your bill. 

Students with housing will receive a bill for each semester of the room cost and meal plan if applicable. The "telecom fee" is the cost of the internet, phone, and cable

What happens if I cannot pay my bill by the due date?

Failure to meet the due date will result in a $50 late fee and may jeopardize your course registration and/or housing status. Should you fall into certain financial difficulties, please call the University Enrollment Center at 508.999.8857 to inquire about other financial aid or payment plan options

What do I do if I don't want to pay the waivable fees?

Students who do not wish to be charged this fee must complete the online waiver process in COIN using the waivable fees link on the Student Center page.

What are community damage charges for residential students?

Community damage invoices are sent out during each semester when a charge is applied to a student's account. The community damage charge policy can be found in the Housing and Residential Life Handbook. For more information, please contact the Resident Director of the building in which the damage occurred.

Community/damage bills are applied to the semester during which the damage occurred. Students can pay these charges when they receive the invoice or it will be applied to the next semester's bill.

How can I pay for parking tickets?

Details about paying parking tickets are available on the parking regulations page.

What is UMass Dartmouth's withdrawal and refund policy?

A student who registers and begins studies but then withdraws officially from UMass Dartmouth for any reason during an academic semester will be granted a refund according to the refund policy.

Payment Plan

Is there a monthly payment plan?

Yes, we offer the TMS Monthly Budget Payment Plan. Making a monthly payment is an easy, straight-forward way to pay for education. TMS has helped over one million families pay all or part of their educational expense in equal monthly payments. TMS is available for the spring, summer and fall terms, and is only for Undergraduate/Graduate credit courses. TMS applications are typically mailed to students in the fall, or you can pick up your application at the University Enrollment Center (first floor of the Administration Building).

Here's what the TMS Budget Plan offers:

  • ability to avoid lump sum payments due at the beginning of each school term
  • automatic life insurance at no additional cost
  • convenience of monthly statements
  • knowledgeable, experienced customer service staff to answer any questions you may have

Interest free payments: The TMS Budget Plan is not a loan program. There are no interest or finance charges. You make regularly scheduled payments over a period of 4 months.

  • "pay as you go" monthly
  • reduce your reliance on borrowing
  • avoid the need to withdraw savings or use other assets.

To register for the TMS monthly payment plan, please visit www.afford.com/umassd or call them at 1.800.722.4867

Tax Information

When will I receive my tax information?

1098-T forms are mailed in early January. Regulations require the University to send them prior to January 31st of the following calendar year.

If you do not receive a 1098-T, please contact the Bursar's Office at 508.999.8832.

If the information on the 1098-T is incorrect, please leave a message on the Tax Credit Line for assistance: 508.999.8919.

The 1098-T information for the current tax year is available online. Students can obtain their tax information by logging into COIN Student Self-Service account. In the Finance section of the Student Center, follow the link for your 1098T.

Health Insurance

What are the requirements for health insurance?

Please visit Health Service's student health insurance page for information.