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Health Insurance

Massachusetts law requires all full-time and three-fourths-time matriculated students to have comprehensive health insurance. Students will be billed automatically for health insurance unless a waiver is completed. Students can complete an online waiver form in their COIN account. For instance if a student is covered on their family's plan, and it meets the minimum requirements for coverage in the local area, they are eligibile to waive the school insurance. The waiver must be completed annually. The deadline to complete the waiver for academic year 2024-2025 is October 10, 2024. After 10-10-24, students are automatically enrolled and the charge cannot be waived. Students enrolled solely in on-line courses are not eligible for the school insurance. The insurance policy runs from August 1 through July 31. The annual premium for 2024-2025 academic year is $2,788.68.

Important Update for Fall 2024 and Spring 2025 Health Insurance Changes

  • Students will be billed separately for health insurance premiums per term.
  • The fall health insurance premium of $1,179.45 covers the fall term August - December.
  • The spring health insurance premium of $1,609.23 covers the spring term January - July.
  • Familes and students are reminded to budget wisely.  Students may have a credit/recieve a refund in the fall term and owe a balance in the spring term.
  • Students graduating or separating from the University after the fall term are not insured after December 31st.
  • The deadline to opt in or waive Spring coverage is February 26, 2025.  After February 26, 2025, new Spring semester students are automatically enrolled and the charge cannot be waived.
  • Waiving health insurance in the fall will waive coverage for the entire academic year.
  • All students must opt in or waive the University's health insurance coverage every year.

Requirements, overview, right to waive

Note: "Matriculated" means that a student has been accepted into a degree-granting program at UMass Dartmouth. "Three-fourths-time" at UMass Dartmouth means at least 9 credits for undergraduate students and at least 7 credits for graduate students, 9 credits for the school of law.

Only students who are matriculated are enrolled for full to three-fourths time, and are taking at least  one class on campus are eligible to take the school health insurance. (Matriculated graduate students taking 6 credits may take the insurance if they request it through Bursar's Office.)

Students who are charged for the university student health insurance plan may choose to enroll in the plan or may choose to waive the charge if their own health insurance meets minimum qualifications for coverage in the UMass Dartmouth area.

Before you decide to waive out of the plan: The UMass Dartmouth student health insurance plan offers advantages for students who may be covered under a parent/guardian's plan, but who may not be adequately covered in the UMass Dartmouth area. See below for more information.

Students must either enroll or waive enrollment via their COIN account. (In the Finances section, select the Waive/Enroll Health Insurance Form link.)

All enrolled F1 Visa international students and matriculated J-1 students are enrolled in the university student health insurance plan (regardless of the number of credits for which they are registered).  An exception can be made if the student is covered under an American insurance through a spouse or the student's embassy that meets the minimum requirements or is a Fulbright Scholar and has medical evacuation and repatriation insurance. All non-matriculated  J-1 students must either purchase the student health insurance or show evidence that they have adequate  insurance that can be used in this country.

If you are covered by an embassy-sponsored health insurance plan and provide the Bursar’s Office with your financial guarantee prior to the waiver deadline, you will not be enrolled in the Student Health Insurance Plan.  

If you are covered by a health insurance plan that is filed and approved in the United States, please contact University Health Plans. University Health Plans

The United States health insurance plan must provide Minimum Essential Coverage as defined by the Affordable Care Act, and include the following benefits in the campus area.

  • Unlimited policy maximum
  • Pre-existing condition coverage
  • Non-emergency medical services
  • Mental/behavioral health care
  • Pregnancy and maternity coverage
  • Prescription drug coverage
  • Preventative and wellness services and chronic disease management
  • Repatriation and medical evacuation

Please note, health insurance plans marketed solely to international students are generally not filed and approved in the United States and have limited benefits with coverage periods that do not comply with the Massachusetts Student Health Insurance Plan Regulations as well as the University’s health insurance requirements. ISO, PSI, Student Medicover, Tokio Marine, and NYIS Insurance are examples of companies that do not meet the insurance requirements.

Students may not waive out of the health insurance using Health Safety Net, MassHealth Limited, Children's Medical Security Program or non US based insurance.

Deadline: Full-time and three-fourths-time students must complete the online waiver form indicating whether or not they want to enroll in the school health insurance plan by the Fall 2024 deadline of October 10, 2024. 

Be aware that if a student chooses to waive out of the student health plan in the fall, they will not be eligible to enroll again for one year. The only exceptions are if a student is dropped from his or her health plan (qualifying event) and submits proof to Health Services within 30 days of loss of coverage.

All full-time and three quarter time graduate and undergraduate students who have not filled out a waiver request by October 10, 2024 will be automatically enrolled in the Student Health Insurance Plan and be responsible for the charge as assessed.

Students newly enrolled in Spring 2025 must complete the online waiver by February 26, 2025.  Only new students can enroll in January 2024 for coverage 01/01/2024 through 07/31/2024 unless they have a qualifying event. The fee for this Spring 2024 enrollment period is $1607.66.

UMass Dartmouth is pleased to offer Blue Cross Blue Shield - Blue Care Elect (PPO) as our student health insurance for Academic Year 2023/2024. This plan is administered by University Health Plans. The plan begins coverage on August 1, 2024 and ends July 31, 2025. The  fee for the 2024/2025 plan is $2,788.68.

To view the complete plan visit University Health Plans and select the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth link.

Additional information

US students with proof of insurance who meet the Qualifying Student Health Insurance Program (QSHIP) criteria and who do not want to purchase the student plan may waive out of the plan.

Your insurance should cover the following:

  • Preventive primary care
  • Emergency care
  • Surgical services
  • Hospitalization benefits
  • Ambulatory patient services
  • Mental health services, both inpatient and outpatient
  • Coverage for pre-existing conditions
  • Coverage for accident or illness that occurs during travel outside of the US
  • No annual or lifetime maximum.
  • Prescription coverage
  • Coverage for outpatient care in the UMass Dartmouth area, including office visits, outpatient mental health care, laboratory and radiology procedures (Coverage for emergency care only does not satisfy this requirement. Note: UMass Dartmouth Health Services uses Quest Diagnostics for blood work.)

If you are unsure of the answers to any of the above questions, consult your private insurance provider. Students who are covered under a parent/guardian's plan should review this information with the parent/guardian prior to completing the online waiver.

Students may not waive out of the health insurance using Health Safety Net, MassHealth Limited or Children's Medical Security Program or a non US based insurance.

Students may either enroll or waive enrollment via their COIN account. (In the Finances section, select the Waive/Enroll Health Insurance Form link.)

Please note a waiver form must be filled out yearly stating whether or not you want the school insurance.

Frequently asked questions about the student health insurance plan

Matriculated undergraduate and graduate students who are at least three-fourths or full time are eligible to purchase this plan. Matriculated students who are not currently registered including those students  who are on a leave of absence, are not eligible to enroll in this plan. ("Matriculated" means that a student has been accepted into a degree-granting program at UMass Dartmouth. "Three-fourths-time" at UMass Dartmouth means at least 9 credits for undergraduate students and at least 7 credits for graduate students, 9 credits for law students.) Matriculated graduate students taking 6 credits can be allowed to enroll in the insurance by contacting the Bursar's Office. Online courses can be counted toward the minimum number of credits; at least one class, however, must be on campus.

Non-matriculated students (continuing education students) who meet minimum credit requirements may be permitted to purchase the school insurance; to enroll, they must pay a health fee and submit a health form with all required immunizations.

The annual cost is $2,788.68  for students for academic year 2024/2025 providing coverage from August 1, 2024 through July 31, 2025.

The annual premium is billed in two installments:  Fall 2024 - $1,179.45 and Spring $1,609.23.

Newly enrolled students for Spring 2025 can enroll providing coverage from January 1, 2025 - July 31, 2025 for a fee of $1,639.23.

Visit University Health Plans and click on UMass Dartmouth for more information about dependents and supplemental benefits:

If you are not charged for the university student health insurance but you wish to enroll in the plan, contact the University Enrollment Center (508-999-8857) or the Bursar's Office (508-999-8832). You must meet the following criteria: undergraduate student registered for 9 credits or more, graduate student registered for 7 credits or more, law students for 9 credits or more. As above noted, a graduate student taking 6 credits can be allowed to enroll in the school insurance by contacting the Bursar's Office. Although on-line courses can be counted toward the minimum number of credits, at least one course must be on-campus.

Massachusetts law (QSHIP) requires that your insurance be billable in the Dartmouth area. If it is not, then you must purchase the school insurance plan.

Generally, UMass Dartmouth recommends that all resident undergraduate students consider purchasing the plan, since it gives students access to local care when they may need it most. Be aware that many "home" insurance plans will not cover non-emergency services when students are away from home. Many HMOs may require that blood work, x-rays, physical therapy and specialist referrals only be done at "in-network" facilities. Students may find it difficult or inconvenient to return home for these types of services. Some plans will only let prescriptions be filled if ordered by an "in-network" provider.

Note: UMass Dartmouth Health Services uses Quest diagnostics for blood work.

Before you decide to waive out of this plan, you should check with your parent's insurance to make sure you are covered not only for emergency care, but also for any non-emergency, follow-up, specialist consultation or rehabilitative services in the UMass Dartmouth area. If not, then you are required by law to purchase the school insurance.Most if not all, out of state HMO's are not acceptable to waive the health insurance coverage.

You may not waive out of the school insurance using Children's Medical Security Plan, Health Safety Net or MassHealth Limited.

Students who use the provider network available at generally pay a $30 office co-pay and most of the office visit is covered. Students using out of network providers pay a 20% co-pay, a more expensive option. UMass Dartmouth Student Health Services is part of the provider network. Students do not pay a co-pay when being seen at UMass Dartmouth Student Health Services, as the student fee is considered the co-pay.  There is a $250 deductible that must be met.  To review the brochure, go to University Health Plans and click on UMass Dartmouth.

Yes, when classes are not in session and you are home on break or traveling, the school plan provides coverage 24 hours a day anywhere in the US for as long as you are insured. When you are traveling abroad away from your home country, your coverage is in effect.

If you experience a medical emergency while traveling more than 100 miles from home or campus, you have access to a comprehensive group of emergency assistance services provided by AIG Travel Assistance Program. AIG  will assist you with medical referrals, legal and interpreter assistance, foreign hospital admission guarantee, prescription assistance, lost luggage assistance, travel information such as visa and passport requirements, travel advisories, etc. This coverage will provide medically necessary travel back to your home country.. For more information on this coverage please visit University Health Plans and click on University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, and then on the travel assistance program.

Dental is not covered. For information regarding optional dental plans, separate from the school insurance, go to  University Health Plans

Regarding vision, the 2024/2025 insurance covers one  routine eye exam visit per 24 months (in and out of network combined).  Go to wUniversity Health Plans for information regarding an optional vision plan separate from the school insurance.

You do not have to be enrolled in the school insurance to enroll in the Dental or Vision insurance.

Only NEW students can purchase the insurance in January for the spring semester. The only exception is a student who is dropped from his or her individual plan or a  parent/guardian’s plan (qualifying event). These students would then need to submit proof to Student Health Services that they were dropped from the plan within 30 days of loss of insurance.

Students who graduate in December will be removed from the insurance plan for the spring semester effective January 1 and should plan in advance for securing medical insurance coverage after leaving the university. 

No. All matriculated students who pay the required University Fees are eligible to use Student Health Services.  Health Services will bill your insurance for services.

University Health Plans has a customer Care Unit to manage general questions. The number is 1-833-251-1124.  Health Services ( 508-999-8982 )  can assist you during business hours Monday through Friday.

Students who withdraw from school after actively attending classes the first 31 days of the policy period may remain enrolled in the student health insurance plan for the full period for which the premium was paid. If the fall premium was paid and a student withdraws, coverage will end December 31. If the withdrawal occurs in the Spring semester after actively attending classes for 31 days and the spring premium was paid, coverage will end July 31.

Frequently asked questions about Health Services and insurance

We bill your health insurance company for visits to Health Services.

Lab tests are sent to Quest Diagnostics, which also bills your insurance, including the school insurance.

Insurance companies routinely send information regarding usage of the insurance plan to the person who purchases the insurance.  This is called an Explanation of Benefits (EOB).  If you are covered under a Massachusetts based insurance company and do not want the EOB sent to the person who purchased the insurance plan, you should contact the insurance company to arrange this. 

If you are waiving the school insurance because you are a US student and have insurance, you must be sure that it is billable in the Dartmouth area. Many HMOs are not; if this is the case, you would need to purchase the student health insurance. Out of state HMO's that  do not have providers in Massachusetts and are not acceptable to waive

It is important to always carry your health insurance card with you and have the plan booklet and contact information with you. It is the student's responsibility to obtain pre-authorization if off-campus or hospital care is needed.

Likewise, if you need pre-authorization for lab work, x-rays or prescriptions, it is the student's responsibility to obtain this authorization and know how to obtain the authorization.

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