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Organization/Agency Info

Your organization/agency participation in our Community Companions program benefits many local community members in need of assistance, and it helps our students learn how to establish rapport and provide companionship to individuals with special needs. 

How to post a volunteer opportunity 

Create an account and organizational profile

  • Access CareerLink through the Career Development Center
  • Register on the site by clicking the "Click here to Register!" link and then complete the profile registration form.
  • If you are not sure if you have registered previously, or cannot recall your username, give us a call at 508.999.8658 or send an e-mail to

Post Community Companion volunteer opportunities

  • To post opportunities, log-on to your account and then click on the tab “My Jobs.”
  • Enter the fields as required. Please include “Community Companion” in the job title.
  • You can copy/paste information if you like.
  • You must click “save changes” when you have completed your entry.
  • You can post full-time positions, part-time positions, internships (paid and unpaid), as well as volunteer opportunities.
  • If you would like to repost a position, you may use the “Copy Job” function to duplicate the entry.

Need Help?

  • For help posting a volunteer opportunity, contact the Career Development Center at 508.999.8658 or email Amelia Alburn.
  • For questions about the Community Companions program, contact Director of Community Companions and Associate Professor of Psychology Dr. Andrew Revell.
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