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R. Thomas Boone


Interests: Nonverbal communication, cooperation, trustworthiness, social development, and emotions
Office Location: Liberal Arts Building, Room 362
Office Phone: (508) 999-8440
E-mail address:

Department Office

Patricia Freitas

Office Location: LARTS 365
Office Phone: 508-999-8380
Office Fax: 508-999-9169
E-mail address:


Heloisa Alves

Full Time Lecturer

Interests: cognitive neuroscience, neuropsychology, brain imaging techniques, neuromodulation, and human performance
Office Location: Liberal Arts Building, Room 360
Office Phone: (508) 999-8381
E-mail address:

Brian Ayotte

Associate Professor

Interests: aging, health psychology, interpersonal relationships, cognition, and problem solving
Office Location: Liberal Arts Building, Room 347
Office Phone: (508) 999-9206
E-mail address:

Rowland Barrett

Full-Time Lecturer

Interests: Autism Spectrum Disorder, Developmental Disabilities, Self-Injurious Behavior, Child Clinical Psychology, Developmental Psychopathology, Applied Behavior Analysis
Office Location: Liberal Arts Building, Room 357
Office Phone: (508) 999-8442
E-mail address: 

Ralph Carlini

Part-Time Lecturer

Interests: General psychology
E-mail address:

Mark Dumas

Interests: Developmental Psychopathology, in particular ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), parent-training, dissemination of Evidence-Based Practices into community settings, and public policy standards for the identification and treatment of mental health problems in the community

Office Location: TBD
Office Phone: TBD
E-mail address:

Jennifer Fugate

Assistant Professor

Interests: categorization of faces and role of language
Office Location: Liberal Arts Building, Room 386
Office Phone: (508) 999-8397
E-mail address:

Patrice Hartnett

Full-Time Lecturer

Office Location: Liberal Arts Building, Room 388
Office Phone: (508) 999-8361
E-mail address:

Mahzad Hojjat

Director of Research MA and BA/MA Program


Interests: Positive psychology in romantic relationships and friendships; mating behavior (interracial/interethnic dating), satisfaction and forgiveness.  Also, dark sides of close relationships including conflict, transgression, and betrayal.
Office Location: Liberal Arts Building, Room 366
Office Phone: (508) 910-6611
E-mail address:

Kevin Holden

Part-Time Lecturer

Interests: psychopathology and psychological testing
E-mail address:

Mary Kayyal

Full-Time Lecturer

Interests: The nature and development of emotion categories across cultures and languages
Office Location: Liberal Arts Building, Room 396J
Office Phone: (508) 999-8378
E-mail address:

Trina Kershaw

Associate Professor

Interests: Learning, transfer, problem solving, individual differences, creativity
Office Location: Liberal Arts Building, Room 358
Office Phone: (508) 999-8346
E-mail address:

Raina V. Lamade

Assistant Professor

Interests: PhD in Clinical Psychology, concentration in Forensic Psychology, Fairleigh Dickinson University.  Practice Specialties: Psychological and forensic assessment; evaluation of criminal offenders; treatment of trauma; assessment and treatment of military and veteran populations.  Research Specialties:  Risk assessment of sexual and violent offenders; treatment program development and implementation.  E-mail

Robin Locke Arkerson

Associate Professor

Interests: Study of emotional development to elucidate the emotional processing and biological correlates of atypical emotional behavior.
Office Location: Liberal Arts Building, Room 363
Office Phone: (508) 910-6955
E-mail address:

Andrea MacAulay

Part-Time Lecturer

E-mail address:

Josh Masse

Assistant Professor

Interests: childhood externalizing disorders, evidence-based treatments, clinical training, treatment dissemination and implementation
Office Location: Liberal Arts Building, Room 390
Office Phone: (508) 999-8334
E-mail address: 

Gary Pace

Director of Graduate Program, Applied Behavioral Analysis Option

Interests: Acquired brain injuries, antecedent interventions, the development and maintenance of behavioral systems, and the assessment and treatment of severe behavior problems
Office Location: Liberal Arts Building, Room 396K
Office Phone: (508) 999-8349
E-mail address:

Ted Powers

Director of Graduate Program, Clinical Option


Interests: Self-criticism and perfectionism, motivation and goal progress, brief therapies, group dynamics and group therapies
Office Locaton: Liberal Arts Building, Room 361
Office Phone: (508) 910-6906
E-mail address:

Andrew Revell

Director and Academic Program Coordinator, The Ora M. DeJesus Gerontology Center

Associate Professor

Interests: Lifespan Human Development, Neuropsychology of Aging, Health Behaviors,Multivariate Measurement, Gerontology
Office Location: Liberal Arts Building, Room 367
Office Phone: (508) 999-8385
E-mail address:

Elizabeth Richardson

Director of Departmental Honors Program

Associate Professor

Interests: Improving understanding of youth health-risk behaviors and developing innovative treatments.
Office Location: Liberal Arts Building, Room 384
Office Phone: (508) 910-6954
E-mail address: 

Amy Shapiro

Interim Dean, College of Arts and Sciences

Interests: Memory, learning, educational hypertext design
Office Location: Liberal Arts Building, Room 369
Office Phone: (508) 910-6907
E-mail address:

Judith E. Sims-Knight

Chancellor Professor

Interests: Development of expertise, bullying, sexual aggression
Office Location: Liberal Arts Building, Room 364
Office Phone: (508) 999-8382
E-mail address:

Professor Emeritus

John K. Conboy

Interests: Child and family psychotherapy, psychological assessment, sports psychology, child neuropsychology, counseling
E-mail address:

Donald P. Corriveau

Interests: Clinical research, counseling, behavioral medicine and pain management 
E-mail address:

Paul A. Donnelly

Interests: Counselling psychotherapy, treatment of adolescent and criminal offenders
E-mail address:

Barry R. Haimson

Interests: Perception, ERP correlates of information processing, hemispheric specialization
E-mail address:


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