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Research in the Department of Psychology

Faculty members are active in experimental, clinical, and applied research investigations through work in laboratories and in other settings on-campus and within the community. Participating faculty are listed below by title, area, and 2023-2024 notices.


Faculty Member Area of Study Special Notes

Heloisa Alves, PhD

Cognitive psychology. Psychophysiological and neuropsychological assessment of human performance. The effects of different factors, such as physical activity and rewards, on cognition and behavior. Faculty Advisor for Psi Chi and the Psychology Club
Brian J. Ayotte, PhD The role of interpersonal relationships and individual characteristics on health and functioning during emerging and older adulthood

President of Faculty Senate; Accepting Students for Fall 2025

R. Thomas Boone, PhD Nonverbal communication, cooperation, trustworthiness, social development, and emotions Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs
Donna Demanarig, PhD Research involves decolonization of mental health approaches and interventions especially for the AAPI community. Developing an approach to teaching psychology courses that is decolonizing, accessible, anti-racist, equitable, and sustainable. Continued development of the cross-racial/ethnic solidarity framework. Vice-President of the Asian American Psychological Association
Melanie DuBard, PhD, BCBA-D Functional behavior assessment, treatment integrity, school consultation, assessment and treatment of severe behavior Oversees ABA Program
Mahzad Hojjat, PhD Friendship, Mate selection, betrayal, resilience, and forgiveness in romantic relationships and friendships Department Chairperson; Accepting Students for Fall 2025
Mary Kayyal, PhD

The nature and development of emotion categories across cultures and languages, judgments of facial expressions across cultures, the relation of disgust to judgments of immortality

Accepting Students for Fall 2025
Trina Kershaw, PhD Skill learning and transfer, problem solving, creativity, transfer in educational settings, individual differences Accepting Students for Fall 2025
Raina Lamade, PhD

Clinical Psychology, concentration in Forensic Psychology. Practice Specialties: Psychological and forensic assessment; evaluation of criminal offenders; treatment of trauma; assessment and treatment of military and veteran populations. Research Specialties: Risk assessment of sexual and violent offenders; treatment program development

Dr. Lamade's Research Website

Accepting Students for Fall 2025
Robin Locke-Arkerson, PhD Study of emotional development to elucidate the emotional processing and biological correlates of atypical emotional behavior Director of the Research MA Program; Accepting Students for Fall 2025
Ted Powers, PhD Self-criticism and perfectionism, motivation and goal progress, brief therapies, group dynamics and group therapies Director of the Clinical MA Program
Andrew Revell, PhD Cognition and mental health in aging; identifying the nature of declines associated with dementia; parenting and healthy development Director of the Aging and Health Minor
Elizabeth Richardson, PhD Health psychology: Improving understanding of youth health-risk behaviors (obesity, substance use, self-injury) and developing innovative treatments Accepting Students for Fall 2025
Anna Schierberl Scherr, PhD Clinical Psychology, health behavior change; enhancing treatment outcomes for eating disorders and obesity, clinical supervision Accepting Students for Fall 2025
Amy Shapiro, PhD Cognitive psychology, learning in complex domains (e.g., psychology with educational hypermedia.), learning technology, memory errors, research ethics, and epistemology in the age of "alternative facts.” Director of the Honors College
Nicholas Zambrotta, PhD Political psychology and political polarization, morality, sport & exercise psychology, psychology of peak performance, behavioral health, structural equation modeling. Coordinator of the Research Methods Collaborative
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