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Lance Fiondella, Electrical and Computer Engineering, UMass Dartmouth

Consistent growth in the software sector of the US and world economies is a driving force for global prosperity and stability in the form of trillions of dollars in revenue and millions of rewarding careers. Moreover, the spread of computing has increased society’s dependence on reliable and secure software to ensure national security and system safety. Producing reliable and secure software is difficult because of its growing complexity, which poses serious challenges to many large companies and government organizations. Quantitative models to assess software reliability and security can assist organizations to deliver software systems on time and within budget. However, government and industry procedures to acquire and integrate software into systems have become so complicated that they must be broken down into multiple stages. This is more complex than traditional software reliability models.

To overcome limitations of past research, this project seeks to advance the science of software reliability and security risk management. An open source platform will be developed to foster collaboration within the international software reliability research community as well as to communicate research to software practitioners.


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