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Mechanical Engineering Curriculum Program

MNE Course Curriculum, Flow Chart, and Advising Materials

Select the curriculum and flow chart below based on your class entering year (entering year is indicated in the parentheses). Check with your faculty advisor if you are unsure which requirements you are following.

Class of 2022 and beyond (entered Fall 2018 or later) - (i) Curriculum (ii) Flow Chart (iii) Honors Curriculum
- (i) Curriculum (ii) Flow Chart (iii) Honors Curriculum

Course Matrix for Advising Meeting - (i) Class of 2022 and beyond (ii) Classes of 2018-2021

MNE Science Electives (docx)

MNE Policy Enclosure 2: Academic Requirements and Standards
MNE Policy Enclosure 3: Petition to Graduate
MNE Policy Enclosure 4: Summary of Academic Requirements (Class of 2021 and prior)

MNE Enclosures 3 and 4 for students in Honors

‌University Studies Requirements for MNE

MNE students are required to meet the University Studies requirements by choosing an approved course from the following University Studies Clusters:

Effective Fall 2014, students who transfer to the University with 24 or more transfer credits will follow the Transfer Substitution policy for University Studies.

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