Yegor Shea: Research on big data security

Dual ECE major has pursued research experiences for undergraduates

For summer of 2018, Yegor Shea—a junior pursuing a dual ECE major—has been selected to participate in a research experience on Big Data Security and Privacy at the California State Polytechnic University.

Yegor plans to take on two projects. In the first project, he will be designing an extended version of HBase, which will integrate hybrid datasets and include both private and public data. The second project will focus on creating an interface which will allow medical institutions to share their data in a safe and reliable way.

Research in software safety & reliability

In the summer of 2017, Yegor undertook a research experience in software safety and reliability at the University of Texas at Dallas.

The main focus of Yegor’s research was the ISO:26262 standard. With the increasing amounts of technologies that are present in our modern-day vehicles, ISO:26262 was developed to make sure these systems were implemented correctly.

Yegor conducted three case studies on different automotive companies that have had previous issues in their electrical components. One of the most famous incidents was unintended acceleration (UA) that occurred in the 2005 Toyota Camry model. At the conclusion of this research, Yegor proposed better procedural steps that need to be taken in the newest ISO:26262 standard. Further, he was awarded a travel allowance to Washington, D.C. to present his work to companies and other fellow researchers. 


Departments : Directory Electrical and Computer Engineering Dept