Faculty and principal area of expertise


Joshua J. Masse

Education: Ph.D. West Virginia University

Specializations: Childhood externalizing disorders, evidence-based treatments, clinical training, treatment dissemination and implementation

Email: jmasse2@umassd.edu
Phone: 508.999.9334
Office: Liberal Arts Building, Room 390

Teal Pedlow

Education: PhD Syracuse University

Specializations: Health psychology, women’s health, HIV/AIDS, alcohol/substance abuse, clinical research

Phone: 508.999.8341
Office: Liberal Arts Building, Room 388

Theodore A. Powers

Education: PhD McGill University

Specializations: Clinical training, personality, and motivation

Phone: 508.910.6906
Office: Liberal Arts Building, Room 361

Honors program coordinator


Elizabeth F. Richardson

Education: PhD Louisiana State University

Specializations: Health psychology, adolescent and young adult risk behaviors, and clinical research

Phone: 508.910.6954
Office: Liberal Arts Building, Room 387A


Rowland Barrett

Education: Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh

Specializations: Autism spectrum disorder, child clinical psychology, cognitive & behavior therapies, applied behavior analysis

Phone: 508.999.8442
Office: Liberal Arts Building, Room 357