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Explanation of Invoice

Electronic bills

Students receive an email to their UMass Dartmouth email account notifying them that an invoice has been generated. Invoices for the fall semester are sent electronically early in July and are typically due by mid-August. Invoices for the spring semester are sent electronically early in January and are due by mid-to-late January. Specific due dates are printed on the invoice.

To view your eBill: Log into the COIN student information system via the myUMassD portal

Students may grant access to certain areas (e.g. invoice, financial aid, grades) to parents, guardians, spouses, or other designees in COIN. Designees will receive an email notifying them that an electronic invoice has been generated if this option is selected. Learn more: COIN access for student designees

Due date

Payment must be received by the due date indicated on your eBill. 

Failure to meet the due date will result in the assessment of a $50 late fee. Students are expected to keep their accounts current and to pay their financial obligations to the University.

Students are required to ensure that their charges are paid in full or covered by other sources such as financial aid awards, external payment plan contracts or other forms of coverage prior to the start of the semester.

Students who do not attend but are registered for courses must officially withdraw from UMass Dartmouth otherwise they will be responsible for all outstanding charges.

Should you fall into certain financial difficulties, please call the University Enrollment Center at 508.999.8857 to inquire about other financial aid or payment plan options. In appropriate circumstances, the Bursar's Office may impose various restrictions in order to enforce payment of an obligation, including withholding of official transcripts and diploma.

Financial Aid

If you are expecting financial aid funds, and your award does not appear on your eBill, please review your "TO DO" list on the COIN web site to check for any outstanding items that may be required, accessed at

If you have questions after you have reviewed COIN, please contact:

Payment options

UMass Dartmouth accepts several payment options:

  • Online payments processed by Tuition Management Systems from COIN student center
    • By Electronic Check – with no additional fee
    • By Credit Card – with additional convenience fee

  • By mail or in person at the University Enrollment Center using personal check, money order or bank check. All made payable to UMass Dartmouth with the student id number noted.

There is a 24 hour delay in the posting of online payments and they will be posted to the current billing term.

Tuition Management System (TMS)

Tuition Management Systems enables registered students to spread payments over 10 monthly payments. The only cost for the plan is an annual/semester enrollment fee. Payment Plans are available for current year charges only.

Payment Plans

  • Full Year Fall & Spring plus enrollment fee
  • Semester plan for Fall or Spring plus enrollment fee (each semester)

Students enrolled with Tuition Management Systems (TMS) should have half of the total contract deducted from the balance due. You should remit the difference, if any, by the due date indicated on your eBill.

Enroll online or call 800.722.4867.

How are tuition and fees calculated?

Undergraduate tuition and fees are based on an assumption of full-time status (12 or more credits). If you are taking fewer than 12 credits, the charges can be prorated. Please contact the University Enrollment Center for the correct charges. Graduate and non-degree tuition and fees are based on actual course registration.

Student health insurance

All students should either enroll in or waive the insurance by the due date indicated on the student invoice. All students who have not enrolled in or waived the University health insurance plan by the due date of the bill will have a registration hold placed on their accounts.

If you have successfully completed the online waiver of the insurance, deduct the insurance charge from the total due if that charge appears on your invoice.

More information about health insurance

If you have any questions about the insurance coverage offered, contact Health Services: 508.999.8982.

Mandatory fees

In addition to the tuition charge, the following fees are mandatory and are listed on your invoice. 

  • Student Activity Fee: supports all student groups, student publications and various other student-related activities.
  • Technology Fee: This fee supports the technology infrastructure and educational environment necessary to meet the technological demands of the UMass Dartmouth community.

Additional fees

The following additional fees are either optional or assessed on an individual basis:

MassPirg Fee: MASSPIRG is a statewide, student-directed, student-funded organization that advocates on behalf of students on issues such as affordable higher education, public health, and the environment. UMassD students have voted to fund a MASSPIRG chapter on campus through this waivable fee. Please note that this waivable fee does not reflect the University of Massachusetts Trustees endorsement.

Students who do not wish to be charged this fee must complete the online waiver process in COIN using the waivable fees link on the Student Center Page.

International Student Fee: This fee is to support the infrastructure required to maintain University compliance requirements for the admission, enrollment, and retention of international students.

Program and course-specific fees: the fees listed below cover costs directly associated with the delivery of instruction:

  • Arts & Sciences Major Fee (Education)
  • Arts & Sciences Major Fee (Humanities & Social Sciences)
  • Arts & Sciences Major Fee (Sciences)
  • Charlton Business Major Fee
  • Engineering Major Fee
  • Nursing Major Fee
  • School of Marine Science & Technology Fee (SMAST)
  • Visual & Performing Arts Major Fee
  • Applied Music Fee
  • Nursing Exam Preparation Fee
  • Nursing MLS Major Fee
  • Nursing Software License Fee
  • Student Teaching Practicum Fee

One-time fees

  • Orientation fee: New freshmen, new transfer students, and new international students are assessed a fee that supports the orientation program.
  • Semester Transcript Fee: Charged each semester to non-degree students who enroll in courses.
  • Transcript fee: This one-time fee (if it appears on your invoice) provides lifetime transcripts at no charge.
  • Graduation fee: All seniors are assessed this fee.
  • Alumni fee: This fee provides you with a one-year membership in the Alumni Association. Any senior not wishing to participate in the association must complete the on-line waiver process in COIN using the waivable fee link on the Student Center Page.

Contact us

You must contact us about any special circumstances that might affect the full payment of your invoice. Only students who have been cleared either through direct payments, TMS contracts, third-party agencies, or financial aid awards will be allowed to participate in the add/drop process.

If you have any questions regarding the eBill, please contact:

Or visit the University Enrollment Center, Foster Administration Building, first floor, Monday–Friday, 8am–5pm