Interview with Dean Eric Mitnick

The final edition of Dartmouth Community Television’s UMass Dartmouth Magazine featured an interview with Dean Eric Mitnick.

Video credit: Dartmouth Community Television

UMass Law was recently featured in the final edition of Dartmouth Community Television’s UMass Dartmouth Magazine.

In an interview with Interim Chancellor Helm, Dean Eric Mitnick described the advantages of a UMass Law education and discussed Justice Bridge.

Value of Massachusetts’ only public law school

UMass Law offers the lowest tuition of any ABA-accredited law school in the state and the lowest out of state tuition in New England. It also entered the most diverse class in all of New England in 2015 and came close to the same mark in 2016.

“Diversity in the classroom is absolutely critical, especially in legal education,” said Mitnick.

Students receive practical, hands-on experience in the law school’s five clinics:

  • Community Development (Business Law)
  • Criminal Prosecution
  • Human Rights at Home
  • Immigration Litigation
  • Tribal Law

“Our clinics are designed to provide free legal services to people in the community while training the next generation of lawyers,” said Mitnick.

Justice Bridge: mentoring alumni

Justice Bridge, UMass Law’s post-graduate legal practice incubator, opened in 2014 as a response to the unmet legal needs of the community. More than 4,000 cases have been processed through Justice Bridge at its Boston and New Bedford locations.

“Our core commitment at UMass Law is to expand access to justice and to offer the highest quality legal education. Justice Bridge allows us to do that,” said Mitnick.

Experienced lawyers serve as mentors, providing guidance to UMass Law graduates.

“Being able to share our experience with the next generation of lawyers—who are at the beginning of their careers—is the best part,” said Mardee Xifarias, a local attorney and Justice Bridge mentor.

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