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Military Transcript Information

VALOR Act Academic Credit Evaluation Policy

UMass Dartmouth grants credit hours for military educational experiences  as recommended by the American Council on Education's (ACE) Guide to the Evaluation of Educational Experiences in the Armed Services. This is in accordance with transfer credit policies at the university. The university will transfer no more than 6 credit hours for Basic Combat Training. 

Military education credit will be allowed for baccalaureate credit with no limit on credit. However, students must complete all degree program requirements, the University 30 credit upper level requirement, as well as the University 45 credit in residency requirement. Baccalaureate credit will be allowed for Defense Language Institute and Defense Language Proficiency Test, which may satisfy the University’s language requirement for a BA degree. DSST credit will be granted provided passing score is achieved, as set by the ACE guidelines.

Students may request evaluation of military credit by sending an official copy to the University’s designee with a Joint Service Transcript (JST). Evaluation of military credit will be conducted at the point of acceptance.

Transcripts may be obtained at:

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