Software Available to Students

Agilent EEsof EDA software

Advanced Design System (ADS) & EMPro is available to UMass Dartmouth students for personal installations.

- non-commerical or research use only
- one set of licenses per student per year
- use UMASSD e-mail to register

Visit this link to request a license:


Discount pricing for PTC Mathcad

PTC Mathcad Prime 3.1 & Mathcad 15 Student Edition for $35 for UMASSD students. 
Visit the UMASSD storefront here:



Mathematica is available to UMass Dartmouth students for personal installations.

1) Visit and create a Wolfram ID using your umassd e-mail address.

2) You will receive an e-mail from  Follow instructions to validate your account.

3) Visit this link for the Wolfram Activation Key Request Form:

Fill out all required fields to download Mathematica product.



All UMASSD students may request a one year access to Matlab Student edition that may be installed on personally-owned computers.

Installation instructions are here:

Use activation code 13282-69254-16804-26489-55038


Microsoft DreamSpark

All registered ECE majors are eligible for a DreamSpark account.
ECE DreamSpark storefront:

  • Do not give, lend or distribute MSDN software to anyone else.
  • For software that requires product keys, you get ONE. Additional product keys will not be granted.
  • Accounts expire May 31st

ECE accounts are imported in September and February. Eligible students should receive an e-mail from e-academy. Visit the ECE DreamSpark link above to register.


Microsoft Office 365

Office 365 Education for Students is available for free to students who are enrolled at UMASS Dartmouth.

Click the green 'Find out if you're eligible' link and enter your UMASSD e-mail address.



Through a generous donation from UMD Alumni working at Solidworks, we have access to 1 year Solidworks installs for Students' personal computers.

Students may download Solidworks directly from
please use umassd e-mail account to register

contact for an activation code

installation instructions here:



Students enrolled in ECE courses are eligible for the VMware Academic Program (VMAP). E-mail for an account.  You must be enrolled in at least one ECE labeled course.

Our VMAP storefront:

Software includes (among others):
VMware Player
VMware Workstation
VMware Fusion