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 Ph.D. in Engineering and Applied Science

Ph.D. in Engineering and Applied Science

Program Overview

Curriculum Options:

Research Opportunities

Faculty Research Interests

Forms for the EAS Program of Study

Expected timeline for EAS PhD

Participating academic departments:

Civil and Environmental Engineering
Computer and Information Science
Decision and Information Sciences

Electrical and Computer Engineering


Mechanical Engineering



Phone: (508) 999-8387
EAS - Graduate Program DirectorEAS - Graduate Program Assistant, Debbie RaposaGraduate Studies Office
Email: easphd@umassd.edu Email: easphd@umassd.edu
Email: graduate@umassd.edu
Phone: (508) 999-8387 Phone: (508) 999-8604 Graduate Studies Information

NCSA article

Dr. Robert Fisher, Dr. Gaurav Khanna and graduate student David Falta featured in an article in National Center for Supercomputing Applications
(NCSA) Access Magazine. Read the article .