Alice Darc

Art + Design: Graphic Design

Wrath Self Portrait, 2021, 638px by 630px
Wrath Self Portrait, 2021, 638px by 630px

About Alice Darc

Alice Darc is a graphic designer/illustrator who has a passion for many creative mediums. She always wanted do some form of creative pursuit whether that involved being an author, being a YouTuber, or being an artist. For Alice, the arts give her a way to communicate certain thoughts and feelings in a way that she couldn't with words. With her creative pursuits she hopes to entertain people and make them laugh. She is set to graduate in May 2021 with a bachelors in both graphic design and illustration. 


For my project I have created a V-Tuber/ V-Streamer and all the branding surrounding it. V-Tuber/Streamer stands for Virtual YouTuber/ Virtual Streamer. They are streamers who use a virtual avatar instead of showing their face on camera.  It is hooked up with face detection software so that when I’m streaming, when I move the character moves. I have illustrated the avatar, made a couple videos for my channel, illustrated all the branding such as logos, business cards etc, illustrated all the assets that accompany the video and designed this process book. 
The selling point of my streamer is that she is the embodiment of the sin of wrath sent to enlist an army on earth so that she can take over the world and terrorize people. The only issue is she is kind of dumb and incompetent but in a cute way. She wants to be intimidating but often time she comes off as funny or even cute. What I wanted to focus on for this project is the way that V-Streaming allows introverted people to get into performance arts with less pressure since you cant be anyone and anything. You don't have to show your actual face.

Wrath Introduction Video, 2021, a video introducing wrath and what she will be streaming.
Pokemon Out of Context, 2021, a video of wrath playing Pokémon but the context is removed.
Drawing Pokemon From Memory, 2021, wrath tries to draw Pokémon without looking at any references, completely from memory.
Muse Dash! Wrath is Good at Rhythm Games 2, 2021, Wrath silently plays the rhythm game muse dash.

Wrath Process Book, this is the official interactive process book of wrath. It allows you to flip through the pages like you would a physical book. Included are rough sketches, original character designs, extra content, and a special introduction from the creator. It is best viewed on a computer, however if being viewed on mobile please flip your device landscape style to see the full-page spreads, 8.5x11 for single page. 11x17 for full page spreads.



Date: Year 2021, Degree Type BFA, Gallery Campus Gallery, Gallery Exhibitions